Watching the Tape Move for comdirect bank AG

United Bank of India (UNITEDBNK.NS) shares are moving today on volatility 0.25% or $0.05 from the open. Which means it lags price quite a bit. Moving averages can be very helpful for identifying peaks and troughs. You can see this when the TL flattens in small portions to move with price and its moments of ranging. A value of 50-75 would identify a very strong trend, and a value of 75-100 would lead to an extremely strong trend. Zero line and Signal line crossovers are used as trade signals to enter and exit trending trades. Every investor dreams of finding those stocks that were overlooked but are poised to pick up momentum. Heading into the next quarter, investors will be watching which companies are experiencing positive earnings momentum. CCI is relatively high when prices are much higher than average, and relatively low when prices are much lower than the average. Many investors will set their sights on dips and corrections.

Investors have the ability to use technical indicators when completing stock research. Currently, Genpact Ltd (G) has a 14-day ATR of 0.34. On the other hand, a reading of -100 would imply that the stock is oversold and possibly set for a rally. The ATR is an indicator developed by J. Welles Wilder. Many investors will use the CCI in conjunction with other indicators when evaluating a trade. The general interpretation of the ATR is the higher the ATR value, the higher the volatility.

Sunteck Realty Limited's Williams Percent Range or 14 day Williams %R now sits at -41.26. Genesis Energy LP (GEL)'s Williams Percent Range or 14 day Williams %R presently is at -36.79. The Williams %R oscillates in a range from 0 to -100.

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Reading levels close to +100 point to potential overbought range while a reading close to -100 would indicate possible oversold territory. Using the CCI as a leading indicator, technical analysts may use a +100 reading as an overbought signal and a -100 reading as an oversold indicator, suggesting a trend reversal.

The Average Directional Index or ADX is technical analysis indicator used to discern if a market is trending or not trending.

We can also take a look at the Average Directional Index or ADX of KSK Energy Ventures Ltd. (KSK.NS). Using the ADX with the Plus Directional Indicator (+DI) and Minus Directional Indicator (-DI) may help determine the direction of the trend as well as the overall momentum. Presently, the 14-day ADX is resting at 29.86. Some analysts believe that the ADX is one of the best trend strength indicators available. A value of 25-50 would indicate a strong trend. A reading under 20 would indicate no trend, and a reading from 20-25 would suggest that there is no clear trend signal. Combining technical analysis and tracking fundamentals may provide a large boost of confidence to the investor.

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Bear Creek Mining Corp (BCEKF) now has a 14-day Commodity Channel Index (CCI) of -77.78.

A widely used tool among technical stock analysts is the moving average. A reading from -80 to -100 would signal an oversold situation. Sometimes earnings reports may be good, but the stock price does not reflect that. Moving averages are considered to be lagging indicators that simply take the average price of a stock over a certain period of time.

Traders are paying renewed attention to shares of Pollard Banknote Ltd. (PBL.TO). The current 14-day RSI is presently sitting at 54.68, the 7-day is 46.08, and the 3-day is 33.65. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) is an often employed momentum oscillator that is used to measure the speed and change of stock price movements. The opposite would be the case for a falling ADX line. Using a bigger time frame to assess the moving average such as the 200-day, may help block out the noise and chaos that is often caused by daily price fluctuations. Many traders keep an eye on the 30 and 70 marks on the RSI scale. They may also be used to help find support or resistance levels.

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