Overwatch's New PTR Update Has A Big Zarya Change

Overwatch's New PTR Update Has A Big Zarya Change

Overwatch's New PTR Update Has A Big Zarya Change

"Overwatch" was released over a year ago to high anticipation and plenty of expectations.

Zarya's fearsome gravity bomb known as the Graviton Surge has been deemed by both players and game buffs to have gotten the most out of the recent "Overwatch" hero balance, according to PC Gamer.

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Blizzard has released an update with a number of changes to five heroes to Overwatch's Public Test Realm (PTR). Included in the list are McCree, Reaper, Reinhardt, Zarya and Doomfist. This makes them less likely to slide away around a corner or something similar once they are stunned.

Lastly, Reaper's Shadow Step has been tweaked too, though compared to the other changes applied, the alterations for this ability are relatively minor with the VO and SFX getting reduced. Secondly, Reinhardt's Charge has been tweaked so that impacting another charging hero (such as Doomfist or an enemy Reinhardt) no longer deals damage to both characters. However, the two will still be knocked down. The PTR is only available on PC, and while the PS4 and Xbox One versions of Overwatch have since been updated, Doomfist is not yet available on console or widely on PC, but is likely to receive him within the month after Blizzard softens his edges. This makes her much more unsafe against Tracer and allows her to better team up with Doomfist, who can follow up the Graviton Surge with his own Meteor Strike ultimate for massive damage.

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Now disables all movement abilities of affect targets. This means that characters like Tracer will no longer be able to teleport out of the gravitational pull, which in turn makes Graviton Surge significantly more effective. In an Overwatch PTR update, it was reported that the total distance that Doomfist travels with the skill was reduced by around 20 percent. When using the Seismic Slam, players will now see a new UI indicator pop up onscreen which indicates how much damage this move will deal and how much it actually inflicts. As such, they might not be transferred in whole to the "Overwatch" itself. Since they're experimental, the changes could be tweaked or even removed completely.

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