Canada's Trudeau warns against 'tempting shortcuts' in NAFTA renegotiations

Canada's Trudeau warns against 'tempting shortcuts' in NAFTA renegotiations

Canada's Trudeau warns against 'tempting shortcuts' in NAFTA renegotiations

Canada's Prime Minister took the opportunity to take on the Trump Administration on the issue of free-trade during his visit to Providence for the Summer Meeting of the National Governors Association.

The speech came as Trump readies to re-enter negotiations with Canada and Mexico to alter NAFTA, the Clinton-era free trade deal Trump frequently criticized during the campaign because he said it puts USA workers and companies at a disadvantage.

"We will modernize NAFTA for the 21st century so it is a win-win-win for all our trade partners in North America", Pence, the former governor of in, told the group.

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And, no matter what your politics are, many feel Donald Trump doesn't engage with the world with the same kind of zeal. France is a country, so to celebrate its national holiday, Bastille Day, it puts on a huge military parade.

- Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Friday, July 14 said U.S. President Donald Trump told him that he did not expect to subject Canadian steel and aluminum to face tariffs on national security grounds, Reuters reports. On behalf of President Trump, the Vice President recognized the importance of the beneficial U.S. trade and investment relationship with Canada, while expressing the need to work together to address lingering trade disagreements.

Trudeau says he is open to changing NAFTA, but won't weaken his country's position.

In a speech to some 35 USA governors on Friday, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau urged individual states to press for open trade policies as President Donald Trump's administration prepares to reopen potentially contentious negotiations over the North American Free Trade Agreement.

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That same month, Kushner also met with Sergey Gorkov, chief of Vnesheconombank and a former member of Russian intelligence. The Harvard graduate is also the progeny of a powerful NY real estate family, and has always been in Trump's inner circle.

"We think right upfront about how to make sure that benefits that will come from trade inevitably accrue to more of the population", he said.

Though he did not single out Trump personally, Trudeau said restrictive trade policies would hurt employment on both sides of the U.S.

"This is the most successful economic partnership in the history of the world".

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"Sometimes the dependence and ease of a relationship can lead to us paying too little attention and when that happens the principals invariably live to regret it", Trudeau said.

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