San Jose: Judge Hands Cat Killer 16-Year Sentence

San Jose: Judge Hands Cat Killer 16-Year Sentence

San Jose: Judge Hands Cat Killer 16-Year Sentence

A serial cat killer in San Jose who pleaded guilty to torturing and dismembering a number of beloved neighborhood felines was sentenced Friday to a maximum term of 16 years in jail.

The cats began mysteriously disappearing from San Jose's Cambrian Park neighborhood in September 2015.

Prosecutors also alleged that he sexually abused at least one of the cats, but the 26-year-old avoided having to register as a sex offender, reports the San Francisco Chronicle.

Robert Roy Farmer pleaded guilty past year to 21 felony counts of animal cruelty and one count each of misdemeanor battery and being under the influence.

He was caged after docs considered him a danger to the community who could go after larger animals in the future.

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Gayle Goodson, a self-described cat-lover - who owns three felines - and supporter of those who lost their pets, said the courtroom was packed.

'It's so hard to grasp I did this. He also must undergo psychological treatment, including taking any psychotropic drugs that are prescribed, as well as stay 100 yards away from the Cambrian Park area; specifically zip code 95124.

Police said they arrested Farmer in October 2015 inside a vehicle, where they found a beaten and bloody corpse of a cat in a garbage bag, along with an assortment of collars. One time she said Farmer hit her grandson in the face, unprovoked, and on another occasion he shot the same boy in the leg with a pellet gun.

Mirim Petrova's tabby "Go-Go" was one of Farmer's victims and the body has yet to be found.

Family members and others who knew Farmer told police they were often terrified around him.

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"He likes to hurt living things", Chatman said. Ellis argued that Farmer's molestation of the dead cat was sexually motivated but Schroeder proffered other theories. Torture was another possibility that Schroeder also mentioned but Ellis said that wasn't possible.

But the judge declined that request.

Although she had hoped Farmer would have to register as a sex offender, Petrova said she's "relieved" that the ordeal is finally over.

Animal lovers in the audience were pleased with Chatman's decision, including that she took pains to list every cat by name, from "Does" 1 through 11, to others including Angel, Gogo, Rayden, Thumper, Jupiter, Traveler and Tiger.

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