Alfred Angelo Alternatives: How to Get a Replacement Dress Fast

Alfred Angelo Alternatives: How to Get a Replacement Dress Fast

Alfred Angelo Alternatives: How to Get a Replacement Dress Fast

When a bridal shop closed without warning, dresses that were already bought and paid for were still in the store leaving some brides unable to get to them.

Jasmine Bridal is offering free rush on bridal and bridesmaids dresses, and half-priced super rush on non-lace bridesmaids dresses.

According to CNN, popular bridal retailer Alfred Angelo has closed stores across the country.

Patricia Redmond, a lawyer who is representing Alfred Angelo Bridal, told the Sun Sentinel that she will ask the court-appointed trustee to release dresses being held in the stores awaiting pickup.

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That's when the owner of a different bridal store stepped up to take in all of the already spoken-for dresses to ease some unneeded stress from anxious brides-to-be. The owner Christine Elliot said they haven't heard anything from the dress company and had no indication it would be closing.

As important as the dress is, Martin said she hopes those who weren't as lucky have a happy ending no matter what.

Picture ordering dresses for your wedding only to find out the company may have filed for bankruptcy. "One of them said they were all fired today".

The company says if you bring in a receipt from the store, customers can get 30 percent off a wedding dress and 20 percent off bridesmid dresses.

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Bridesmaid Natalie Buck, who's in a wedding in October, told KPCC that when she called Visa about the situation, "They said that if the company doesn't follow through then they will give me my money, and they will go after Alfred Angelo".

"It puzzled me because I'm thinking okay if there's a massive power outage and computers and phone lines are down- how are they taking faxes?"

In addition to bankruptcy proceedings, the South Florida Business Journal reports that the bridal chain's headquarters are also the subject of an eviction lawsuit.

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