Unemployed man, 32, misses job interview to save vehicle crash victim

Unemployed man, 32, misses job interview to save vehicle crash victim

Unemployed man, 32, misses job interview to save vehicle crash victim

According to the New York Daily News, Aaron Tucker left the halfway house where he now resides in Bridgeport, Conn., on Wednesday morning with less than $2 in his pocket, en route to his job interview for a busboy position at Dinosaur Bar-B-Que in Stamford, Conn.

Tucker, who had recently completed a 22-month sentence related to a weapons charge, asked the bus driver if he would wait for him if he got out of the bus to help people in the wreck - but the bus driver declined.

People are showing their support for a Bridgeport man who hopped off a bus on his way to a job interview to help a man involved in a Westport auto accident.

Ignoring the fact that he would miss his interview, Tucker jumped off the vehicle and ran over to the smoking auto.

Tucker says he's had job offers roll in as well.

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"I got up around 5 o'clock in the morning because I was so excited for the interview", Tucker told the Daily News Thursday.

Now a Westporter is working to show Tucker thanks; she created an online fundraiser to support him and his almost 2-year-old son.

Tucker and two other bystanders worked to pull the driver from the smoking vehicle before emergency response personnel arrived. "The only thing running through my head is that person in the vehicle could pass away and I could help him".

He pulled the driver out, took off his own shirt and used it to stop the driver's bleeding.

"He kept shutting his eyes, and I made sure he stayed awake".

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"It [my job interview] didn't go through my head because a job can come and go, but a life is only one time".

An ambulance arrived and took the man to Norwalk Hospital where he is in stable condition, the Westport News reported.

The Westport community also has rallied around him, starting a GoFundMe, which has raised more than $11,000 in 18 hours. "But to me, if it happened again, I'm going to continue to do it because it's the right thing", he said.

A GoFundMe page was created to help Tucker.

"What I have found incredible about his is it's just not about Aaron anymore", Dale said. It is only after the victim was tended to that Tucker realized that he was too late to show up for the interview, a job that he badly needed to be a better father to his 21-month-old son, who lives with the mother.

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