Capito cites Medicaid concerns in review of new GOP proposal

Capito cites Medicaid concerns in review of new GOP proposal

Capito cites Medicaid concerns in review of new GOP proposal

Cornyn also expects a vote on the latest bill to take place when Arizona Senator John McCain returns to congress after recovering from surgery.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell chose to delay the vote on the Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA), the Senate version of the American Health Care Act (AHCA), due to the absence of Arizona senator and 2008 presidential candidate John McCain for surgery, according to the Associated Press. "McCain a speedy recovery". He needed every vote to get the bill passed. "Surgeons successfully removed the 5-cm blood clot during a minimally invasive craniotomy with an eyebrow incision". "His Mayo Clinic doctors report that the surgery went "very well" and he is in good spirits", the hospital said in a statement. Two Republican senators, Susan Collins of ME and Rand Paul of Kentucky, have already said they oppose it, meaning just one more "no" vote would keep the bill from even getting the motion to proceed, therefore killing it before formal debate on the Senate floor can even begin. Arkansans have been among at least two past groups of demonstrators arrested for taking protests to the Senate office building. But they've also had no help from two senators in their own party: Susan Collins of ME and Rand Paul of Kentucky.

McConnell tweeted that the Senate will work on other legislative issues and nominations next week and "will defer consideration of the Better Care Act" while McCain is recovering.

The Congressional Budget Office had been scheduled to release an analysis Monday on the latest GOP bill, including estimated cost and scope of insurance coverage. The date that the score will be released is not clear.

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Mr McConnell last Thursday revised a proposal that would replace Obamacare with an alternative that includes deep cuts to Medicaid, shores up the individual insurance market and repeals the Affordable Care Act's mandates that individuals have health coverage and that most employers provide it. In the statement, the agency argued states would devise their own plans to help people with low incomes, and CMS Administrator Seema Verma said her agency would partner with states to help them.

Brian Whitlock, president and CEO of the Idaho Hospital Association, said, "Like so many others, we view this legislation through a very simple lens: Does is make health care more accessible and affordable?" But that seems a long shot, even though the current version is already loaded up with concessions and changes aimed at appeasing conservatives and moderates. In March, during an interview on Fox News, White House counselor Kellyanne Conway suggested a departure from the idea of nicknaming the health care bill after Trump.

That said, McCain is not anymore gung-ho about the bill than many of his fellow Republicans.

The delay in voting this week could have an effect on how people perceive the bill, Paul said Sunday on CBS's "Face the Nation".

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"I knew this bill was unfixable".

Collins also has problems with the sheer number of people who would lose health care coverage under the bill and the plan's negative effect on health care access in rural areas.

While the Trump administration is bogged down by an enlarging Russian Federation scandal, Republican senators are still trying to get enough votes to take away health care from millions upon millions of Americans.

Reactions of eight healthcare leaders to the new draft of the bill are listed below.

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Janis Guerney, co-public policy director at Family Voices (advocates on behalf of special needs kids and their families), told Kaiser Health News: "It's just a fraction of kids who we consider having special health needs who would qualify for the carve-out".

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