WhatsApp to introduce in-app YouTube playback in iOS app

WhatsApp to introduce in-app YouTube playback in iOS app

WhatsApp to introduce in-app YouTube playback in iOS app

This means that you will not have to leave the chat app to run any YouTube video link that you receive in the app. WhatsApp updates that are still on cards are live-location sharing, revoke/recall button, edit message feature and YouTube videos.

Messaging service app, WhatsApp updates its platform every now and then, enables the users to use the platform with much ease. However, any regular WhatsApp user will know that the app does not allow its members to play YouTube videos directly in the app.

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One will also be able to hide ongoing video to read the message in the chat box. But now, in the 2.17.40 version of the app for Apple iPhone, that is out in the App Store currently, WhatsApp will now reportedly test the in-app YouTube playback support as a hidden feature.

This feature is still under development, and actually it's not possible yet to keep active the video if you change the chat: in that case the Picture in Picture mode will disappear, unfortunately. Also, the screen will zoom in on a particular spot where the user pinches. The report also says that the feature is now only available for Apple iPhone 6 or its higher variants.

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However, it is the users of Apple devices who have come across this new feature.

What is one of the most annoying features that you have encountered while using WhatsApp?

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We can expect that WhatsApp will launch this feature soon unless they find any problem with the new feature. However, with the new app, this is all going to change.

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