Atari is Back: Everything We Know About Ataribox

Atari is Back: Everything We Know About Ataribox

Atari is Back: Everything We Know About Ataribox

The console uses light indicators that shine through the wood. Polygon gaming magazine, for example, shared a newsletter link which provides a first look at the Ataribox design and some more interesting hints at the possible direction of the console.

There will be two versions of the Ataribox, one in wood and one in black/red.

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Aside from the look of the thing Atari haven't made any other announcements about what exactly they're making.

In a newsletter to those who signed up for more information, Atari said the unit's four USB ports and HDMI output "suggest modern internal specs". That makes sense, given the fact that you can already buy an Atari Flashback if you only want to play the old games. The Ataribox console utilizes wood and ribbed lines in addition to a raised back in order to deliver an aesthetic that captures the essence of the classic Atari 2600 and onwards. The console is inspired by the classic Atari consoles, but with fashionable stuff such as illumination of the individual elements. Given the success that Nintendo found with the NES Classic Edition, and the hype surrounding the upcoming SNES Classic, Atari is definitely introducing the Ataribox to a receptive audience. There are two versions of the Ataribox, which you can see below. The first look at the unit came in a 20-second teaser video, and now the company has released the first images.

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For now, fans of the retro console haven't been given any details about the Ataribox's price, release dates or games that could be included. There's still a lot of unknowns around the Ataribox but now fans have a little more information to work with. Atari has said they are purposely sharing details step by step because they "want to get this right" and are keen to respond to feedback from the community.

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