John McCain surgery forces GOP to delay voting on Senate's healthcare bill

John McCain surgery forces GOP to delay voting on Senate's healthcare bill

John McCain surgery forces GOP to delay voting on Senate's healthcare bill

The latest GOP effort to repeal and replace "Obamacare" was fatally wounded in the Senate Monday night when two more Republican senators announced their opposition to the legislation strongly backed by President Donald Trump.

The Senate bill, like legislation the House passed earlier, repeals mandates requiring individuals to carry insurance and businesses to offer it, and unravels an expansion of the Medicaid program enacted under President Barack Obama's law. John McCain's unexpected absence from Washington. Despite unified control of Congress and Trump in the White House, disagreements within the party still threaten to cripple its effort to overhaul the health-care system. With the Democrats solidly opposed to the legislation, the Republicans can only pass the bill if all their other members back it and if Republican Vice President Mike Pence casts his tie-breaking vote in favor.

"I think the longer the bill's out there, the more conservative Republicans are going to discover that it's not repeal", he said on CBS's "Face the Nation. Dems will join in!" he said. "We must now start fresh".

Proposed changes to Medicaid funding in the bill continue to be an obstacle as Senate leaders try to rally the 50 votes needed to even bring the measure up for a vote, much less pass it next week.

In the meantime, the bill keeps the worst aspect of the earlier GOP draft in place. Sen.

"Senator McCain is a hero who made countless sacrifices on behalf of all Americans".

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However, McConnell announced late on July 15 that vote has now been "deferred" indefinitely due to McCain's absence - because without McCain, as it currently stands, the bill can not pass.

A Senate Republican aide said senators were reluctant to be the third "no" vote, essentially sinking the bill, so numerous undecideds will hold off until the last minute in declaring their stance.

Republican Senator Rand Paul also reiterated his opposition to the bill, which he described as "terrible" because it retained numerous Obamacare taxes and subsidies. This meant McConnell could not afford even one more opposing senator. John McCain of Arizona, who is home recovering from a blood-clot surgery, could return to Capitol Hill to cast a vote. Shy one "yes" vote on the motion to proceed, the majority leader announced that he would "defer" consideration of the health care bill while his colleague recovered.

Lee and Moran both said they could not support Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's legislation in its current form.

Sen. John Cornyn tells NBC's "Meet the Press" that there should be a vote once there is a "full contingent of senators" available.

Under the Cruz approach, an insurer can offer plans that don't comply with such requirements, provided they also offer coverage that does. Some GOP senators in addition to Collins have already warmed to this approach. Sen.

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That last bill can't get done with McCain out, since he's the chairman of the armed services committee.

"In addition to not repealing all of the Obamacare taxes, it doesn't go far enough in lowering premiums for middle class families; nor does it create enough free space from the most costly Obamacare regulations", Lee said in a statement.

McConnell responded to Johnson's comments Monday night. Changes to Medicaid are of particular interest to demonstrators.

Here's a suggestion to Dean Heller, Rob Portman, Shelley Moore Capito, and Lisa Murkowski, Republican senators who should feel morally bound to vote no.

New York Sen. Charles Schumer said in a statement that the "second failure of Trumpcare is proof positive" that the bill is "unworkable". But the Moran and Lee defections could very well shift the momentum and break a dam that has been ready to burst, aides said.

McConnell says he hopes McCain will be back in the Senate soon.

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