Mac and cheese powder may pose serious health threat, study says

Mac and cheese powder may pose serious health threat, study says

Mac and cheese powder may pose serious health threat, study says

According to the study, evidence of the chemical was found in 29 of the 30 products tested. While makers of these processed food claim that the product absolutely safe, phthalate are actually so toxic that they have been banned from children's toys and products. It isn't just a few products that are affected, either.

Are you one of those who love macaroni and cheese?

These same chemicals were banned almost 10 years ago. I have described them as part of the "dirty dozen toxins" found in most skincare products. A 2014 report to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission warned of their health effects, especially in children and pregnant women.

The testing mainly focused on cheese products because a recent scientific review concluded that dairy products were the greatest source of dietary exposure to the phthalates for infants and women of reproductive age, the Coalition for Safer Food Processing and Packaging reported. The chemicals were most prevalent in the processed cheese powder that comes in boxed macaroni and cheese mixes.

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According to the study, the worst offenders were the powdered cheeses from macaroni and cheese items, where levels of the potentially unsafe chemicals were four times higher than in other processed cheese products.

Belliveau of the Environmental Health Strategy Center said, "We're not alleging that every single product is unsafe ... but the risk is already too high, so further reference is needed to identify where the phthalates are coming from".

According to WebMD, four advocacy groups helped fund the research project.

"They are used in the plastic tubing, the plastic gloves, the gaskets all along the food supply chain", said Mike Belliveau, executive director of the Environmental Health Strategy Center, one of the groups participating in the coalition.

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He encouraged consumers to contact manufacturers and ask them to determine how phthalates are getting into their products and take action to prevent it. Nine of 10 varieties that tested positive belonged to the mac and cheese supergiant, Kraft. Kraft manufactured 9 of the 30 products tested; officials at the company gave no statement on the test results, according to news reports by the New York Times.

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The study noted that phthalates are not intentionally added to food, but can accidentally migrate to food during packaging, processing, and preparation.

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