Spine-chilling: woman caught in metro door & dragged through subway

Spine-chilling: woman caught in metro door & dragged through subway

Spine-chilling: woman caught in metro door & dragged through subway

Belarussian national Natalya Garkovich suffered potentially life-changing injuries after her handbag strap got caught in a train door in Rome.

The footage shows that the woman changed her mind and made a decision to step out of the train.

According to local media outlets, passengers on board the train attempted to pull the emergency stop lever, but that failed to halt the train's movement.

One man is seen trying to free her from the door before the train starts to gather speed.

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It is unclear at what point the woman is freed from the train's door or whether she was ever pulled into the tunnel, but Italian news agency ANSA English reports she is recovering from multiple fractures.

Other footage reportedly shows Mr Tonelli eating forkfuls of food from a container before checking his mirror and pulling out of the station.

"I know that I was wrong and I am devastated by what happened to that woman", Mr Tonelli told Italian daily Corriere della Sera which published the footage.

Driver Gianluca Tonelli - who is being investigated by criminal prosecutors - said the first he knew of the horror was when he pulled into the next station.

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She is reported to have been saved when passengers on board pulled the emergency alarm.

Passengers activated the emergency brake after the woman just failed to jump on to the moving train. The incident was captured on CCTV.

"Therefore we consider it outrageous and offensive to say the train driver is entirely responsible, when you should thoroughly investigate the Rome subway security systems and their proper operation". "If cabin where the driver is situated on the train had cameras, then this whole situation could have been different".

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