Was Conor McGregor really knocked out in a boxing spar?

Was Conor McGregor really knocked out in a boxing spar?

Was Conor McGregor really knocked out in a boxing spar?

Whilst boxing pundits remain dubious about McGregor's chances, the Irishman has promised to defeat Mayweather in four rounds, a promise, it seems, that punters have faith he'll keep.

While on the world tour press conference, Mayweather Promotions CEO Leonard Ellerbe said that he feels McGregor was trolling everyone in his training video.

Malignaggi, who has made a name for himself as an insightful commentator after March brought his eighth loss in a 44-fight career, was the subject of some McGregor trash talk himself just last week as the Dubliner said "he would have to answer to what he's been saying" in a sparring ring. "He's a smart dude".

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"I'll word this carefully: in the ring, Mayweather is going to get zero respect in terms of, Conor's not just going to be happy to be there", Kavanagh said in his column for The 42ie.

What was really interesting was something you can only see if you download the high resolution poster for Notorious that the original tweet linked to, and then zoom in on the bottom left hand corner - you know, the bit with the producer credits...

"Guess what? He tricked all y'all". Y'all can fall for it. "Tremendous timing. How he's coming over the top of guys' jabs and when he touches them and turns it over, and then he's doing damage". If he ain't knocking him out, they're falling down.

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McGregor's months of training should pay off with regard to making him an improved boxer, but he's facing a almost impossible task of bridging a gap with one of the best defensive boxers in the history of the sport.

Hopkins called Mayweather for taking such a mismatch on paper, hurting the sport and putting the integrity of boxing in jeopardy.

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