Less Than 2000 Daesh Fighters Remain in Syria's Raqqa - Coalition

Less Than 2000 Daesh Fighters Remain in Syria's Raqqa - Coalition

Less Than 2000 Daesh Fighters Remain in Syria's Raqqa - Coalition

Ilham Ahmed, co-president of the political wing of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) which is fighting in Isis's "capital" of Raqqa, said United States political and financial support would be needed to secure the city after it was freed. "On the eastern axis, the SDF made incremental gains south of the main road that runs east to west in the city".

SDF has been on the offensive in Raqqa since June 6. And south of the Euphrates River, the SDF continue to isolate Raqqa and reinforce their positions.

Iraqi army, emergency response division, counterterrorism service and federal police forces maintain their sectors of Mosul until the home forces take over and secure the area, he said.

"We are in the process of ceasing our support", Dillon said.

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Speaking to an SDF militant, the article reports that the military facility was primarily built due to concerns about potential Turkish military actions against the SDF, adding that "the base will be used for SDF operations against all enemies". Turkey says the presence of the YPG will further alienate Arab tribes in the region, and advocates the use of local forces trained and equipped by the anti-Daesh coalition. The US-backed forces do not directly work with regime fighters and have clashed with them near Raqqa on multiple occasions.

The spokesman said the coalition has in recent months targeted and killed numerous senior ISIS propagandists and facilitators in Iraq and Syria.

"Meshaal oversaw, authorized and disseminated ISIS digital propaganda to instigate and direct terror and recruit foreign terrorist fighters".

"Ibrahim al-Ansari, an ISIS propaganda official, was killed by a coalition airstrike in Qaim, Iraq, March 25, 2017".

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Heavy security presence has been reported at Israeli embassy in Amman and the area around the embassy has been closed down. The security guard shot dead the Jordanian attacker, while a second Jordanian there at the time was also killed.

He said they would try to get back the equipment the group, which operates in the Al-Tanf area, near the Jordanian border, was given. In April ISIS propaganda production dropped to its lowest level in over six months, a 75 percent reduction in the group's monthly output.

A spokesperson for the SDF, Cihan Shekh Ahmed, also confirmed in an Arabic-language tweet that the coalition of militias had captured half of the city.

"ISIS is losing on every front - on the battlefield, in recruiting, in social media, and generating money", Dillon said.

As with "Cartel Land", Heineman lets his subjects carry the story in "City of Ghosts", as they recount friends and family who have been killed by ISIS - and how that loss spurs them to continue with their vital, unsafe work.

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