Putin Orders Hundreds of US Diplomats to Leave Russia

Putin Orders Hundreds of US Diplomats to Leave Russia

Putin Orders Hundreds of US Diplomats to Leave Russia

But President Vladimir Putin at the time delayed the retaliatory steps in what officials said was an olive branch to the incoming Trump administration.

Donald Trump is reportedly expected to sign the Russian Federation sanctions legislation after he read the final draft of the bill.

The new U.S. sanctions on Russian Federation were overwhelmingly approved by both houses of Congress despite objections from the White House.

Trump has yet to sign off on the package. And because the legislation specifies that President Trump can't ease the sanctions without congressional approval, it's not yet certain whether Trump will sign it.

New US sanctions were in part a response to conclusions by US intelligence agencies that Russian Federation meddled in the 2016 US presidential election, and to further punish Russian Federation for its annexation of Crimea in 2014.

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Putin, who has repeatedly denied meddling in the campaign said Moscow would only decide on how to retaliate once it had seen the final text of the proposed law.

"There is a bipartisan consensus to confront Russian Federation across the board - from its actions in Ukraine, Syria, cyber, its election meddling - you name it", said Boris Zilberman, a Russian Federation sanctions expert with the Foundation for Defense of Democracies.

Russian Federation has complained the bill "showed with all clarity that relations with Russian Federation have fallen hostage to the domestic political struggle in the US".

"Because more than 1,000 workers - diplomats and support staff - were working and are still working in Russia, 755 must stop their activity in the Russian Federation, " he said.

Russia's Foreign Ministry said the new sanctions law "confirms the extreme aggressiveness of the United States in its foreign affairs". Those sanctions also include punishments for Iran and North Korea.

Two administration officials say that Trump is likely to sign the bill, despite ongoing wrangling over language and bureaucracy.

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The Foreign Ministry said that the U.S. had until September 1 to bring the total number of diplomatic and technical personnel in Russian Federation to 455, the same number as it said Russian Federation has in the U.S. The ministry also ousted the U.S. from a recreation retreat and warehouse in Moscow. Calling Russia's response "long, long overdue", Ryabkov added that, "I can assure you that different options are on the table and consideration is being given to all sorts of things, both symmetrical or asymmetrical". It also said it was barring the U.S. embassy from using a Moscow summer house and storage facility in the city from August 1. Trump has repeatedly said he wants better relations with Moscow and, according to his communications director Anthony Scaramucci, still doubts Moscow's involvement in the election campaign.

"Lavrov confirmed that our country is still ready to normalise bilateral relations with the USA and to cooperate on the most important worldwide issues", Russia's foreign ministry said after a phone call between the two top diplomats. The House passed the bill 419-3 Tuesday, and it now goes to President Donald Trump for his signature or veto.

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson sought to assuage those concerns in a statement Saturday. She didn't specify the "critical elements", and lawmakers have said the White House was largely absent as they crafted the legislation. Asked about a possible veto threat earlier in the week, Corker told reporters: "I don't think that's real". "He has to show Russian Federation can't be pushed around by the United States".

"Hiding behind its "exceptionalism", the United States arrogantly ignores the positions and interests of other countries", it said.

If the USA pushes back in ways that put Moscow on edge, for instance, by arming Ukrainian rebels with lethal weapons, a prospect the Trump administration is considering, "there will be a very strong reaction and it will be asymmetric, a reaction in areas where we're most vulnerable", Beebe said. "They're going to hurt us on issues like North Korea, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba", he said. We agree that it needs political pressure on Moscow.

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