Facebook shuts down AI system after bots start chatting in uncomprehensible language

Facebook shuts down AI system after bots start chatting in uncomprehensible language

Facebook shuts down AI system after bots start chatting in uncomprehensible language

Design reports, Facebook's researchers recently noticed its new AI had given up on English.

Mark Zuckerberg may believe Elon Musk's warnings about the dangers of artificial intelligence are "irresponsible", but a recent incident at the social network appears to suggest the Tesla boss could have a point: Facebook researchers chose to shut down an AI they invented after it started speaking its own made up language. The advanced system is capable of negotiating with other AI agents so it can come to conclusions on how to proceed.

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Bob: "I can can I I everything else". The rest of the conversation was formed from variations of these sentences. When interpreted like this, the phrases appear more logical than comparable English phrases like "I'll have three and you have everything else".

Modern technology uses a "reward" system where it expects actions to have a "benefit". But only a few days after the story of the new development in FAIR's research became widely publicized, a new twist in the story became public - Facebook shut down part of this program! In this instance, there was no reward for continuing to use English, so they built a more efficient solution instead.

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One researcher said that bots can invent internal code words and "wander" into an internal language, just like human communities do when they create a language.

Facebook developers are of the view that the bots were chatting in a similar short0hand manner that humans also do, and in a similar fashion that we can understand each other's verbiage, the bots can too. It turned out that the system began to translate even between language pairs that it had not been explicitly taught. And while such solutions might seem efficient, they make the AI development more hard. They do make AI development more hard though as humans can not understand the overwhelmingly logical nature of the languages.

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The AI agents were not confined to a limitation of only using the English language, and so they deviated from it and created one that made it easier and faster for them to communicate.

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