Petition demands punishment for men who pulled shark by boat

Petition demands punishment for men who pulled shark by boat

Petition demands punishment for men who pulled shark by boat

A group of Gulf Coast anglers triggered outrage earlier this week when they posted a video showing them dragging a shark by the tail behind a speeding boat.

A viral video that appears to show a shark being dragged behind a speedboat by a rope prompts an online petition calling for those responsible to face community service.

As part of its protocol, the FWC has declined to release or confirm the names of the men involved.

"I just couldn't believe it because I go, 'Look at this, somebody is actually sending me maybe an illegal video of a shark being tortured, '" said Quartino.

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However, one of the men in this video is allegedly connected to the hammerhead shark video posted in January. We are also attempting to identify the individuals in the video and where it took place'. While sports fishing is big in Florida, protecting the animals that live around the state should always come first.

Social media has not been shy about publicizing the man's identity, including posting his name, date of birth and address in Palmetto, Fla., on multiple message boards and websites.

As of Friday morning, more than four thousand people signed a petition posted at demanding wildlife officials revoke the men's fishing licenses and punish them for their actions.

Shark hunter Mark Quartino posted the original video after being sent by someone seeking his approval.

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Quartiano, who said he received the video from Instagram users @bearjew428 AND @MICHAELWENZEL, wrote: 'CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WTF IS GOING ON HERE????

It's unclear if the men involved in the shark video have done anything illegal. Governor Rick Scott says enough is enough and several fishermen and residents of Florida are behind the proposal.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has opened a new investigation, the report says, after a different video reveals a man using a hammerhead shark as a beer bong. I wish some one could drag them behind their auto like this'.

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