Game of Thrones' Confusing Geography Isn't A Problem

Game of Thrones' Confusing Geography Isn't A Problem

Game of Thrones' Confusing Geography Isn't A Problem

Take a look at the photos from "Game of Thrones" season 7, episode 5 titled "Eastwatch" and don't forget to check out our recap of the episode on Sunday night. Like every Wednesday, HBO has released a batch of episode stills which is a follow up of the epic battle of episode 4.

Perhaps they are being cautious after the hacking they experienced last week, but there is a fair amount to mull over. However, the preview promises White Walkers and Whigs and Bran helping Jon figure out how far along they are.

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With all of us holding our breath and wondering if Jaime is alive after that insane Loot Train Battle, there's a lot to wonder about for the future if he is alive. His army had been decimated by Daenerys atop the biggest of her dragons, Drogon, and her attacking Dothraki hordes. No body, no gold hand, no hint of Bronn (or Drogon) pulling him out of the lake he was hurled into to avoid a burst of dragon fire.

She might be taking care of the North while Jon is gaining an ally with Daenerys, but if she discovers that she is the rightful heir of the North and not Jon, a bastard, who as per the books by George R.R. Martin is also the son of a Targaryen, could the dynamic change?

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Don't expect this to be the ignoble end to the knight, though. In fact, the reason why things are this way makes it all but unavoidable if you want great television. But what if he's referring to Cersei, Tyrion's sister? Even at 60 mph, flying for four hours a day, she could moved ahead of her deployed forces and fly for the mountains near Casterly Rock, reaching them in four to five days. If he does see his brother Jamie, might Tyrion try a desperate diplomatic act to save the Seven Kingdoms since the White Walkers pose the biggest threat. Last week, Arya proved again and to those that underestimate her, that she is more than capable of handling herself. He's violent, blood thirsty and could turn on Cersei if she keeps rebuffing his advances. With a mind not easily read, the King of the Iron Islands is not be trustworthy enough to marry his ally Cersei for good reason.

This being said, it appears that Cersei has a few tricks up her sleeve and as we've already seen, Dany's bid to take the Iron Throne isn't as easy as some people have imagined. And there's also no glimpse of what's happening at The Wall, which is suspicious for an episode named after the fortress Eastwatch, based by the frozen sea.

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We'll also pick up with Jon Snow. In doing so, they were able to determine which scenes caused the most heart elevations.

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