How to watch August solar eclipse in Arizona

How to watch August solar eclipse in Arizona

How to watch August solar eclipse in Arizona

On Aug. 21, all of North America - as well as parts of South America, Europe and Africa - will, weather permitting, be able to view a partial eclipse of the sun.

What is a solar eclipse? Please don't. Using an app like this could cause blindness.

As the "diamond" disappears, the next thing you'll see (for just a few seconds) is a series of little dots, or "beads" on the rim of the sun where the "diamond" just was.

Nelson urges those wanting to watch the eclipse to try to make it to the "zone of totality".

"I actually saw an eclipse when I was young and I was told then and I still believe now there's damage that can be done to your eyes", said Shaw.

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Warning: It is not safe to view the eclipse with the naked eye or with sunglasses! By directly looking at the sunlight for any period of time, you can develop what is called solar retinopathy, which is basically a burning sensation in the back of the eye in the retinal tissue. "It will definitely alter your color vision". The lenses of these paper or plastic framed glasses will be so obscuring that unless you are looking at something as bright as the sun, you won't see anything at all. However, certain precautions need to be taken when viewing them.

Luckily, you've got options. If not or if they are damaged, do not use them.

"With solar retinopathy, the effects come 12 to 24 hours after the event".

You see, smartphone lenses are very small, LG is just now offering an f/1.6 aperture to let more light in, and, in general, they also have filters to restrict some of the light falling on the sensor.

The safest way to look at the sun, whether during an eclipse or not, is through specially designed solar filters. Look for glasses rated to the ISO 12312-2 worldwide standard.

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They can be found at a number of online retailers, but also in many common physical stores. At 2:44 p.m., it will be at its maximum coverage, about 70 percent, and the partial eclipse will end at 4 p.m., according to NASA.

On Aug. 21, the entire viewing area will be plunged into darkness. After cutting a pinhole in the paper or cardboard, he said a person can hold it toward the sun and it "projects an image down on the ground".

"During a regular eclipse, if you stay in one place, you can only see the corona for 1 or 2 minutes", Uitenbroeck said, "Putting telescopes at different places allows us to build up a time series where we can see how the corona changes".

Both recommended against using a camera or binoculars to photograph or look at the sun during an eclipse.

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