Japan Installs Extra Missile Defense After N Korea Threat to Guam

Japan Installs Extra Missile Defense After N Korea Threat to Guam

Japan Installs Extra Missile Defense After N Korea Threat to Guam

The first Patriot Advanced Capability 3 (PAC-3) system was installed at the Ground Self-Defense Force Kochi base in Konan, Kochi Prefecture, on August 12 with the aim of intercepting North Korean missiles that stray into Japanese territory from the intended target, Guam.

In the escalating war of words with the United States, North Korea has threatened to launch four missiles over Japan to waters around Guam, where a key US military base is located.

Japan's missile defence scheme employs Maritime Self-Defence Force Aegis destroyers to shoot down airborne missiles, and the PAC-3 system operated by the Air Self-Defence Force to counter missiles that evade Aegis interceptors.

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The report comes after North Korea said it is "seriously examining" a plan to fire four intermediate-range ballistic missiles over western Japan at a spot some 30 to 40 km off the coast of the island of Guam.

Television footage showed military vehicles carrying launchers and other equipment for the surface-to-air system entering a Japanese base in Kochi before dawn. No PAC-3 units are regularly stationed in those four prefectures.

Tokyo has deployed Aegis ships in the Sea of Japan, and is on alert 24 hours sharing information with the United States.

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Japan has deployed the missile interceptors in the past ahead of other North Korean launches but has never actually shot anything down.

At the time North Korea said it was launching a telecommunications satellite, but Washington, Seoul and Tokyo believed Pyongyang was testing an intercontinental ballistic missile.

He added that he hopes North Korean leader will "find another path." .

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