Talktalk fined after customer details stolen again

Talktalk fined after customer details stolen again

Talktalk fined after customer details stolen again

The investigation was launched after TalkTalk received complaints from customers who said they were receiving "scam" phone calls from people identifying themselves as TalkTalk engineers. Typically, the scammers pretended they were providing support for technical problems. The firm was hacked in autumn 2016 and plucked of the personal data of 156,959 customers including names, addresses, dates of birth, phone numbers and email addresses.

The Register has documented the scam since February a year ago, which included customers being convinced to install a remote control software package via which they then deploy a trojan.

Wipro, a multinational IT services company based in India had access to the portal, as it helped resolve high level complaints and network coverage problems on TalkTalk's behalf.

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It was discovered that three accounts belonging to Indian IT services provider WiPro, one of TalkTalk's third party providers, unlawfully accessed as many as 21,000 customers.

At any given moment, 40 Wipro employees have access to personal data of anywhere between 25,000 and 50,000 TalkTalks customers, which means that many individuals are always at risk, the ICO said. This allowed staff to view large numbers of customer records at a time and to export data, potentially offsite, to view up to 500 customer records at a time.

The ICO has ruled that "unjustifiably wide-ranging access to the relevant personal data by external agents put that data at risk". "But the real victims are the 21,000 people whose information was open to abuse by the malicious actions of a small number of people", said a resolutely unimpressed Denham. "TalkTalk should have known better and it should have put its customers first".

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According to the ICO, TalkTalk should have been aware of the risks and that the misuse of personal data had the potential to cause substantial damage or distress, and should have taken measures to protect against potential scams and frauds.

An Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) investigation found that a portal used by customer service representatives had no measures in place to limit the amount of information a rogue employee could access or on what device it could be viewed on.

TalkTalk's spokewoman highlighted that "there is no evidence that any of the data was passed on to third parties" and the U.

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We have asked TalkTalk if this is something that it wants to comment on, and it did.

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