Trump threatens Venezuela with 'military option' as country's political crisis escalates

Trump threatens Venezuela with 'military option' as country's political crisis escalates

Trump threatens Venezuela with 'military option' as country's political crisis escalates

Trump told reporters that he would not rule out a "possible military option" in Venezuela, which has long grappled with political and economic crisis.

"As Minister of Defense and as a citizen I say this is a insane act, an act of supreme extremism", CNN quoted Padrino as saying.

Venezuela's new Constituent Assembly on Saturday strongly backed socialist President Nicolas Maduro in the face of the "vile threats" of his USA counterpart Donald Trump, who said U.S. military action was an option to quell the South American country's devastating crisis.

The Department of Defense is pushing back on President Trump's assertion that he is refusing to rule out a US military intervention in Venezuela.

"This is our neighbor", Trump said in reference to Venezuela.

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General Vladimir Padrino, a close ally of Maduro, said: "With this extremist elite that's in charge in the U.S., who knows what will happen to the world?"

In a odd turn of events, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said Thursday that he wants a meeting with President Donald Trump. And a Department of Defense spokesman said that "any insinuations by the Maduro regime that we are planning an invasion are baseless" - ignoring that it was Trump who had done the insinuating.

"The United States stands with the people of Venezuela in the face of their continued oppression by the Maduro regime", she added.

However, Maduro instructed Venezuela's foreign minister to approach the United States about arranging a meeting or phone call with Trump.

Earlier this years, a former Venezuelan military official told Reuters that anti-aircraft missiles had been installed along the country's coast, in preparation for the expected United States invasion. With the president increasingly concerned about Mueller's sniffing around, Trump may as well double down.

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"But a military operation, a military option is certainly something that we could pursue", he said.

Meanwhile, Trump did not directly answer a question about whether the USA troops would lead the potential operation.

The Venezuelan opposition, which boycotted the election for the constituent assembly, accuses Maduro of trying to cling on to power, which he denies.

"If he's so interested in Venezuela, here I am", the socialist president said.

The Venezuelan ambassador, Diego Molero, has five days to leave the Peruvian capital. The US recently imposed sanctions on President Maduro, branding him a dictator. In a move deemed a strategic mistake by analysts, former President Barack Obama declared Venezuela a "national security threat" and issued sanctions against several officials.

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In the same speech, however, Maduro called America an "imperialist government" attempting to overthrow the Venezuelan government.

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