Pokemon TCG Adds Powerful New Game Changing Cards

Pokemon TCG Adds Powerful New Game Changing Cards

Pokemon TCG Adds Powerful New Game Changing Cards

The previous games were about a lion with the power of the sun and a bat with the power of the moon.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon will also have new Z-Moves - special attacks that can only be done once per battle.

For those who don't follow the Pokemon TCG regularly, GX cards are a new type of Pokemon card that have a special and ultra-powerful "GX-move". These new games will be about those two creatures and a monster made out of pitch-black crystal. Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon will launch exclusively for the 3DS on November 17th. The mysterious Pokemon will play a much more prominent role in these installments, and some secrets about the monster that were "undisclosed in the previous games" will be revealed in Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon.

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These new stories will be set within the region of Alola, which we previously explored back in Pokemon Sun and Moon. The company posted a short video giving an overview of the new features you'll encounter in the game.

The story in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon centers around the Legendary Pokemon Solgaleo and Lunala.

While it wasn't touched on in the trailer, the games' website reveals that Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon will feature new Z-Moves as well. What exactly are these secrets?

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As announced last week, the games will also feature a new "Dusk Form" Lycanroc. The moves that Dusk Form Lycanroc can learn combines characterisitics from both the original Midday and Midnight Forms in that it can learn both Accelerock and Counter.

Unfortunately, there was no mention of the long-rumored Pokemon Stars, which was slated to be the working title for the port of Pokemon Sun and Moon, which was said to be coming to the Nintendo Switch.

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