South Korea's President Promises No War on the Peninsula

South Korea's President Promises No War on the Peninsula

South Korea's President Promises No War on the Peninsula

The Ulchi-Freedom Guardian exercises, scheduled to begin Monday, are "not now on the table as part of the negotiation at any level", said Joseph Dunford, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, as quoted by Reuters.

U.S. President Donald Trump said last week that North Korean threats would be met with "fire and fury;" however, Moon said Trump assured him he would seek South Korea's approval before taking action.

In contrast to his predecessor, who had carefully scripted responses to pre-approved questions during news conferences, Moon answered spontaneously but still carefully avoided potential areas of disagreement with the U.S.

Still, the first thing I do when I wake up in the morning, even before I leave my bed, is to check the North Korean news agency to see if it has made another bombastic announcement - like the one in which the North recently threatened to launch ballistic missiles around Guam in an "enveloping fire".

The South Korean leader also warned North Korea not to cross the "red line," which he defined as the North arming itself with nuclear-tipped intercontinental ballistic missiles.

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He said the military was developing "credible, viable military options" upon orders from Trump.

"President Trump is trying to pressure North Korea by showing firm determination".

Japan, which hosts some 50,000 American forces, voiced support for global efforts to pressure North Korea.

South Korea's president has said there will be no war on the Korean Peninsula and that the USA will seek his consent before taking military action.

"He was busy posing for photos with tourists at vacation spots and didn't even bother to call President Trump to discuss the North's ICBM test", Chung Woo-taik, a conservative opposition leader, said this week. All sides moved to tamp down tensions this week and signaled they may be willing to move toward negotiations. This is because Trump doesn't sit down with his cabinet and say, "OK, lets" strategize for the contingencies that we've got. "The alternative would have been both catastrophic and unacceptable!" He also said, for the first time, that USA has agreed to consult with Seoul before taking any action against North Korea.

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However, Moon previously stated that Seoul will continue to work with Washington to counter security threats. He also commented that "the U.S. sought to put maximum pressure and sanctions through the latest UN Security Council resolution", while at the same time it is "seeking unilateral measures". Moon said he thinks Trump's belligerent words are meant to show a strong resolve for pressuring the North and don't necessarily display the willingness for military strikes.

US Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman Joseph Dunford told reporters during a visit to Beijing there would no scaling back of planned military exercises despite the recent tensions with North Korea.

The annual joint drills, which involve tens of thousands of USA and South Korean troops, have been deemed a preparation for war by North Korea. "If she is ready to resume a serious dialogue", it must "refrain from any provocation or intimidation" and consider its "denuclearization", he insisted.

U.S. officials say that they aim at reaching a peace treaty with North Korea or at least, concluding a treaty that would save the region from a devastating war.

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