Where can I find solar eclipse viewing glasses?

Where can I find solar eclipse viewing glasses?

Where can I find solar eclipse viewing glasses?

The solar eclipse is fast approaching.

As the craze to see the eclipse builds up, citizen scientists are bracing up too. "If you're out in the country, dogs will get scared and they can run away", he said.

Where can I find solar eclipse viewing glasses?

From Oregon to SC, a stretch of about 70 miles in America will have a "path of totality", where they'll see the solar eclipse 100 percent.

More than seven million people across the United States will be able to witness the solar eclipse from the so-called path of totality on Monday.

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A solar eclipse takes place when the sun, earth and moon align in a straight line as the shadow of the moon falls on earth and covers the sun. You'll want to wear proper eye protection if you want to look at the eclipse. Visit www.nasa.gov/content/eye-safety-during-a-total-solar-eclipse for more information.

There will be a limited supply of solar-eclipse glasses as well as special solar-telescopes designed for viewing the Sun safely, and other telescopes equipped with special protective filters to allow safe viewing of the Sun. The US Fire Administration has called on the public to be wary of counterfeit glasses which are being promoted by many manufacturers. It is of utmost importance that you do not view the eclipse without your solar eclipse viewing glasses as you can seriously hurt your eyes, or possibly cause blindness. Buffalo may see a temperature drop of a couple of degrees, whereas the 14 states the total eclipse will pass through could see a temperature drop of between 5 and 20 degrees. Just make sure other high-rise buildings do not obscure your view of the sun during that time of the day.

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Kopp added that the risk of eye damage during an eclipse is reduced during the brief period when the sun is completely covered by the moon.

The next North American solar eclipse will happen in 2024. Here's everything you need to know about the eclipse and your pets. This can happen over the course of a few seconds of looking at the sun. "Wild birds, deer, you might see those coming to roost or going to nest, and then when it gets light again, they'll come back to their normal routine", the doctor said.

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One local preschool is keeping children inside during Monday's solar eclipse for just that reason.

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