Duke University removes contentious Confederate statue after vandalism

Duke University removes contentious Confederate statue after vandalism

Duke University removes contentious Confederate statue after vandalism

To me, the protesters were no different than the people who were caught up with the "book-burning" craze that occurred in Germany of the 1930s.

In an angry press conference at Trump Tower, the President said that not everyone who rallied on the side of white supremacists was worthy of condemnation, and said that he needed the two full days before denouncingwhite white supremacist groups in order to "get the facts". Slavery was so deeply entrenched in the economy that it touched almost everyone who lived before the Civil War, even those who did not own a slave.

This doctrine came to prominence during the Jim Crow era when whites implemented racial segregation through violent, extra-legal and then legal means.

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A 17-year-old from Malden, Massachusetts, was charged with disorderly conduct, malicious destruction of property over $250, and causing injury over $5,000 to a church, synagogue or memorial, Suffolk County officials said.

When so-called good white people slow dance with devils-when the vile rhythm of racism, its crescendo and crash, is the embedded soundtrack of this wretched nation-they should not be surprised when they wake up in hell. For triggering the most bloody conflict in American history?

The statue in Charlottesville is of Lee atop his horse, Traveller. Mainstream historiography has already been revised to dispel the myth of the "Lost Cause" that was created by white supremacists after the Confederacy's defeat. They said they were fighting for "states' rights" or against Northern oppression. The south fought a noble war over its right to self-determination, rather than an effort to keep millions enslaved. As noted by Adam Serwer in the Atlantic, while Lee was troubled by slavery, he was not an advocate of emancipation. Even so, he writes, by choosing Virginia over America, Lee committed "a grievous political sin". Lee made it clear in his letter that he opposed human intervention into what he considered heavenly matters. More white people will be collateral damage in a war on poor and working class black and brown people that has decimated communities and families for generations.

Partisan divide over Trump response to Charlottesville
On Thursday, POTUS continued to muse about the removal of Confederate statues , as it's making him really "sad". About 31 percent of white residents think Trump, a Republican, has demonstrated sufficient leadership.

In the 150 years following the war, hundreds of Confederate monuments were been built in nearly every state, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. Some of the monuments have become rallying points for white nationalists.

Lee is one of the most frequent figures to be memorialised in statues, aside from the common soldier. "So this week, it is Robert E. Lee". The nonprofit legal advocacy organisation published a 2016 report that details the timeline of when states installed Confederate iconography (which it defines as statues, monuments, schools, parks, streets, and highways named after Confederate generals); the districts that celebrate Confederate-related holidays; the public buildings that feature Confederate flags; and the cities that issue commemorative licence plates. Up until 2015, Lee's birthday was officially marked in five states.

The claim is counterintuitive - Lee owned slaves, and he fought for the Confederacy in a rebellion that was, in part, predicated on slavery. It has no place in America. In most cases the statues they take down, trample, and spit upon were erected in memory of the hundreds of thousands who gave their lives. To paraphrase James Baldwin from his 1970 letter to Angela Davis, black people in this country have long warned so-called good white folks that if they stood down while the badge-wearing lynchers, the USA military-wearing fascists, the black robe-wearing white supremacists, and the domestic terrorists next door came for us in the morning, then they would surely come for them at night.

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