Wreck of USS Indianapolis Located

Wreck of USS Indianapolis Located

Wreck of USS Indianapolis Located

Led by a search team put together by billionaire Paul Allen, the ship was found resting at the bottom on the Philippine Sea.

On July 30, 1945, as the Second World War was coming to a close, the USS Indianapolis was destroyed by a Japanese submarine, sinking the ship in 12 minutes after it was struck with a torpedo. Because the ship sank so quickly, the crew did not have time to send a distress signal indicating their final coordinates. After spending four to five days in the water and dealing with shark attacks, drowning and severe hydration, only 316 sailors survived.

"To be able to honor the courageous men of the USS Indianapolis and their families through the discovery of a ship that played such a significant role during World War II is truly humbling", Allen said in a statement.

The USS Indianapolis had just completed a clandestine mission to drop off certain components for the atomic bomb to be dropped on Hiroshima.

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The team was assisted by historians from the Naval History and Heritage Command in Washington.

Its loss seventy-two years ago - punctuated by the subsequent harrowing tale of its survivors and their delayed rescue - is one of the great naval tragedies of World War II and American naval history.

The ship was found at a depth of more than 18,000 feet by Allen's 13-person team.

'They can serve as inspiration to current and future Sailors enduring situations of mortal peril. "I'm glad it was found", Dick Thelen, a 90-year-old USS Indianapolis survivor and vice chairman of the Survivors' Organization said upon hearing the news, according to a release from the survivors group.

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Another important contribution leading to the successful search was the discovery of new information a year ago.

By finally identifying a naval landing craft that had recorded a sighting of the USS Indianapolis the night that it was torpedoed, the research team developed a new position and estimated search, which was still a daunting 600 square miles of open ocean.

Previous Allen-led expeditions have resulted in the discovery of the Japanese battleship Musashi and the Italian WWII destroyer Artigliere. The Petrel's research crew is continuing to survey the sea floor and said a video tour of the site using an unmanned submarine will be conducted in the coming weeks, with the footage made available to the public.

The Navy states the works is compliant with US law "respecting the sunken ship as a war grave and not disturbing the site". USS Indianapolis remains the property of the U.S. Navy, and its location will remain confidential and restricted by the Navy. Photograph from the Bureau of Ships Collection in the U.S. National Archives.

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Partly because of the secret nature of her mission, no one looked for Indianapolis for days. Mr. Allen is working to save endangered species; combat climate change; improve ocean health; share art, history and film; develop new technology; tackle epidemics; research how the human brain works; and build sustainable communities.

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