Charlottesville shrouds Confederate statues in black

Charlottesville shrouds Confederate statues in black

Charlottesville shrouds Confederate statues in black

The president said that "both sides" were to blame for the violence in Charlottesville, noting the "alt-left" counter-protesters and the hate groups. Trump managed to be for them in a way that turned me against them.

At least one Confederate monument outside the United States has been removed.

"If we're going to create equitable spaces for all people, then we have to empathize and look at the feelings of everyone within this city", he told reporters.

Who fought to uphold the right declared by the pen of Jefferson and achieved by the sword of Washington.

"Beauty" is in the eye of the beholder.

In fact, no one is talking about ripping the nation apart, although Trump was doing an impressively good job of that.

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Should statues of Confederate heroes in the south be taken down? It's fair to say that many monuments to the likes of generals Lee and Jackson or the Confederacy's president, Jefferson Davis - and the streets, schools, and military bases named for them - were not only meant to honor the leaders of a treasonous rebellion but to push back against the long struggle for civil rights and proclaim white supremacy.

"The vast majority of these statues and memorials were built during periods in American history - roughly speaking, 1900-1960 - in which African Americans were legally segregated (Plessy v. Ferguson, 1896), relegated to second-class status and generally regarded as inferior", Ward said.

The uproar over statues of Confederate leaders such as Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson has caused many cities and states, particularly in the South, to question these symbols of slave-owning traitors and white supremacy.

Suddenly, the Donald found a new way to pander to his mostly white political base.

Those who wish to tear down these monuments find them to be nothing but a fictional celebration of the Confederacy's racism.

That cynical strategy appeared to be confirmed in a chilling way in surprisingly candid interviews given by Trump's chief strategist Stephen K. Bannon, before his departure abruptly was announced Friday.

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Some speculative historians believe the South would have outlawed slavery as early as 1890 had the Confederacy prevailed.

Statues and other war memorabilia don't have to be destroyed, in my view, just moved. "This is why so many statues were erected during this period".

"While we can not hide from our history, nor should we, the time has come to make clear the difference between properly acknowledging our past and glorifying the darkest chapters of our history", Hogan, who at first resisted calls for its removal, said.

The "War between the States" more aptly describes the Civil War, because the war began as a fight over statehood, states' rights, not civil rights.

I would implore those who idolize Gen.

Frankly, I've gotten to know a lot of people of all races, and I've not seen any evidence that white people are any better or worse, on the whole, than any other race.

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Whatever emerges from this discussion, the process is a positive beginning to determining how we in Santa Fe will honor the past.

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