Does this shocking fan theory expose who is The Night King?

Does this shocking fan theory expose who is The Night King?

Does this shocking fan theory expose who is The Night King?

So we know he was originally one of the First Men to colonise Westeros and was sacrificed by the Children of the Forest, who tied him to a tree and pressed the magical dragonglass into his chest. Indeed, even if Jon and his clique survived - well except Thoros, RIP - Daenerys still lost a dragon en route and poor Viserion was transformed into an ice dragon. But would the showrunners, not to mention George RR Martin, who wrote the famously brutal source material novel series, really make things quite so easy for us?

With their devastating assault on Westeros almost here, The White Walkers and their leader, The Night King, are coming under closer scrutiny than ever from fans.

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So it's very unlikely that showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss would introduce the Night King in the show, and then have him actually be Bran Stark. Absolutely not, but we've nonetheless compiled some "evidence".

Wasn't it a bit odd that there was a small party of wights out on their own, close enough to the army that the rest of the White Walkers could catch up and trap Jon and his gang?

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This Drake and "Game of Thrones" mashup is the greatest thing you will see all week. We've seen the kind of damage dragon fire can do.

Back in season 4, after Craster's last son was left alone in the forest, a White Walker took him to a unusual place far up north, and placed him on an altar made of ice. People believed that seeing Bran accidentally warg into past-Hodor/Wylis was meant to show us that he can change the past and inhabit the bodies of historical figures. Therefore, they lived to tell the tales to King's Landing and they even have a not-so-much-flesh and bones wight to show them. It's possible that Rhaegar is actually the Night King somehow, and that by virtue of him being in the bloodline of the Targaryens (fire) and then becoming a White Walker (ice), he fulfills the title of the book series, A Song of Fire and Ice. At one point in "Beyond the Wall", Beric Dondarrion suggests that killing the Night King will bring down everyone, claiming "he turned them all". Honestly, if we can accept fire-breathing dragons, an army of the dead, and an incestual relationship, can't we just accept that chains are easily accessible?

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The Night King sent shockwaves through the Game of Thrones community on Sunday night as he showed off his impressive javelin throwing skills, using an ice spear to kill Viserion the dragon. That's exactly why Game of Thrones delivered this latest twist, by handing the White Walkers their own weapon of mass destruction. Like Cersei as the Night Queen worse. And it gives us - the audience - the opportunity to witness a fight between dragons.

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