Finland says no fighter deal with Boeing after Trump's comments

Finland says no fighter deal with Boeing after Trump's comments

Finland says no fighter deal with Boeing after Trump's comments

"The real number, which will be many billions of dollars, will go through Congress", Trump said at a White House news conference.

Aside from the possible USA exit from NAFTA, the White House suggested that an additional 20-percent border tax on imports from Mexico would help make up for the money to be spent from the federal budget to build the wall.

That's not to say the President's troubles have been washed away by Harvey's torrential rains: Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller has been quietly issuing subpoenas in relation to the myriad investigations into campaign ties to Russian Federation that has yet to reach a meaningful conclusion and his business ties are only now coming to light; North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has vowed that his Monday missile test was merely a "meaningful prelude" to US aggression and Trump's angry Arizona speech (and his controversial pardon of Sheriff Joe Arpaio) has left powerful Republican lawmakers feeling alienated and vulnerable to voter retribution.

"That's all I can say", Trump added.

The speech is unlikely to provide new details about a tax plan Trump's aides and Republican leaders in Congress are trying to hammer out in closed-door meetings in Washington.

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"Shutting down the government would be a self-destructive act, not to mention an act of political malpractice", Republican Representative Charlie Dent said in an interview.

Facing a September 30 deadline to fund the government and keep it open, congressional Democrats have said they will not vote for a measure that includes border wall money. There's only $2.3 billion remaining in federal disaster coffers.

Asked if the natural disaster would make him reconsider a shutdown, Trump said: "I think it has nothing to do with it, really".

A stop-gap spending bill would keep the government open for several months with no major changes to spending programs while lawmakers work out a longer-term deal.

The Mexican government, meanwhile, says they won't pay for the wall in any form, seeing it either as a matter of national prestige to have open borders with the United States, or hoping they could somehow retain the huge economic benefits they are extracting from the United States market without cooperating with Trump.

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Some Republicans have complained that Trump's public efforts are coming late in the legislative year and worry his speech on Wednesday could veer into issues that might overshadow tax reform, including USA race relations, North Korea and his differences with Republicans in Congress. "If it's necessary, we'll have to see". "I think this is separate", he said at a news conference.

If Trump signs a short-term extension without wall funding, it could delay the battle until December, when that legislation would likely expire.

He's also pointing to controversial pardons by previous presidents.

One possible escape route for Trump could be separate legislation for funding the wall.

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