UN Security Council condemns 'outrageous' North Korea missile test

UN Security Council condemns 'outrageous' North Korea missile test

UN Security Council condemns 'outrageous' North Korea missile test

North Korea threatened "thousands-fold" revenge on the U.S. after these sanctions were announced.

Photo of a long- and medium-range ballistic rocket drill released by state-owned Korean Central News Agency.

Experts say Kim wants a real nuclear deterrent against the United States to ensure the survival of his government and probably believes that it will strengthen his negotiating position when North Korea returns to talks.

The Guam governor's office said in a statement there is no change in the island's threat level.

The KCNA said the launch was in direct response to the joint US-South Korean military drills, as well as to mark the anniversary of the Japan-Korea treaty of 1910, which saw Japan annex the Korean peninsula.

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The North, which claims Washington has long threatened Pyongyang by flaunting the powerful USA nuclear arsenal, describes the long-range B-1Bs as "nuclear strategic bombers" although the United States no longer arms them with nuclear weapons.

The UN Security Council held an emergency meeting on Tuesday local time and unanimously condemned North Korea's firing of an intermediate range-ballistic missile over Japan, saying it is an "outrageous" threat, and called on Pyongyang to stop provocations and abandon all nuclear weapons development programs.

However, the US -drafted statement, which was agreed by consensus, does not threaten new sanctions on North Korea.

Kim Jong Un at a ballistic rocket launch drill.

Russian Federation and China said U.S. military activity in the region was partly to blame for the increase in tensions, and urged negotiations, a BBC report said.

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Two US B-1B supersonic bombers and four F-35 stealth fighter jets joined four South Korean F-15 fighters in live-fire exercises at a military field in eastern South Korea that simulated precision strikes against the North's "core facilities", an official from Seoul's Defence Ministry said.

"China has a key role to play here in terms of the pressure they can bring on North Korea", May said Tuesday after Pyongyang sent a missile cruising over the north of Japan which she will pay a visit to soon.

Arriving for a visit to Japan, British prime minister Theresa May called on China to put more pressure on North Korea, saying that Beijing had a key role in the global response to Pyongyang's "reckless provocation".

Earlier in August, Pyongyang first threatened to fire missiles towards Guam where some 160,00 United States citizens live.

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