Destiny 2 Server Maintenance Arrives After First Weekly Reset

Destiny 2 Server Maintenance Arrives After First Weekly Reset

Destiny 2 Server Maintenance Arrives After First Weekly Reset

The studio announced today that it's removing an item from the game.

Destiny 2 has had a tumultuous initial first week but now things are gearing up for a bright future.

Destiny 2 is about to have its first scheduled downtime period, due to maintenance. "Our deepest apologies. This does NOT represent our values, and we are working quickly to correct this". The reference to the hate group might be vague for many so we'll do some explaining.

Kenya's President Opens Parliament Amid Opposition Boycott
The Standard publication reports that Supreme Court judges, who traditionally attend the official opening of parliament, were absent.

Contact Bungie or browse its website if you still have questions.

The game is played on Bungie, a website that is now down in order to implement the hotfix v1.2.0.1, which will help debug the game for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One gamers.

Among them is the publisher for Destiny 2, Activision.

The "Apple TV 4K" box supports 4K and HDR
It's now pretty much standard above a certain size, which means the fourth-gen Apple TV is rapidly starting to show its age. The latest Apple TV will be available on September 22nd for $179 with 32GB of internal storage or $199 with 64GB.

Although the word "kek" originated as a World of Warcraft meme, it has since been repurposed by alt-right internet denizens as a symbol of white nationalism, not unlike Pepe the Frog.

The Kekistan flag and the design on the Destiny 2 gauntlets are nearly identical and clearly, whoever designed the item included the reference on objective. This might be surprisingly low for some of you, but don't forget that Bungie has said that they want to make it easier for more people to try the Raids in Destiny 2 than in the original.

Najib, Trump in talks at White House
He says Trump is on a mission to make the world safe and says: "We will do our part to make sure our part of the world is safe". Trump and Najib met at the White House.

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