Hurricane Irma keeps SC on edge

Hurricane Irma keeps SC on edge

Hurricane Irma keeps SC on edge

TROPICAL STORM WARNING is in effect for the counties shaded in the map below. But this storm, while wounded, is still unsafe.

The storm left tens of thousands in the state without power.

Tornadoes could also spin up in coastal areas from northeast Georgia to southeast SC where a tornado watch was in effect.

WIND: Columbus and surrounding areas will experience 20-30 miles per hour wind with gusts up to 40 miles per hour Sunday.

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Destiny 2 is about to have its first scheduled downtime period, due to maintenance. "Our deepest apologies. Destiny 2 has had a tumultuous initial first week but now things are gearing up for a bright future.

IN THE EXTENDED FORECAST: Conditions will gradually improve through the day Tuesday.

McMaster said he was proud of the way South Carolinians heeded the officials' warnings about the storm and the dangers it might pose to the Palmetto State.

Charleston peninsula's residents facing waist-deep flooding water.

"Don't be fooled", said Rich Okulski, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Columbia.

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Brexit Secretary David Davis said "a vote against this bill is a vote for a chaotic exit from the European Union ". The government also survived a vote on the timetable for debating the bill - with Mr Clarke the only Tory rebel.

Rain covered the entire state of Georgia and all but the northeastern-most part of South Carolina Monday morning. "This causes heavier rain in higher elevations". Bands of rain could produce one to three inches of rain in the Charlotte area. "Portions of these states within the southern Appalachians will be especially vulnerable to flash flooding".

Charlotte can expect heavier rain and wind to move in Monday evening and remain overnight until Tuesday morning. Meanwhile, authorities have sent an aircraft carrier and other Navy ships to Florida to assist in search-and-rescue operations amid reports of devastation in the hurricane-battered Keys.

Nearby states also began to feel the wallop of Irma on Monday.

Anxious relatives, generous volunteers and frantic neighbors turned to social media after Hurricane Irma wiped out electricity and cell service to many communities around Florida, cutting off most contact with remote islands in the Keys. "If you look out your window right now, we have tropical storm wind gusts".

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The new sanctions impose a limit on deliveries of refined oil products and restricts crude oil shipments at their current level. A revised, and watered-down, resolution banned imports for natural gas liquids but only capped oil exports to North Korea .

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