This BlackBerry smartphone won't get Android Nougat update

This BlackBerry smartphone won't get Android Nougat update

This BlackBerry smartphone won't get Android Nougat update

Since then, the Canadian company's presence was slowly dwindling across all markets.

Consequently, it seems as though owners of the BlackBerry Priv and other devices left behind will have to turn to custom ROMs should they wish to see a more recent version of Android grace their device.

Judging by the feedback I received on YouTube, BlackBerry fanboys hated my mickey-taking of the Priv, but to be fair - I liked BlackBerry's stated intention to focus on privacy and security.

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What did the official reveal?

The majority of Priv users find this unacceptable and they got furious when Blackberry shared earlier today that the phone won't be getting Android 7.0 Nougat. Later, in April 2016, it went Android 6 Marshmallow, but this distribution is also not as relevant as at the time.

BlackBerry said that it's too hard rope in the partners to push that big of an update.

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Well, as The Register reports, maybe the BlackBerry Priv isn't going to be so different after all. What do you think of BlackBerry's snubbing of its near two year old flagship device? However, seeing the popularity of the KEYone, it seems the company has made a decision to focus on the latest handset and not on the older and less popular, Priv. As well as affirming BlackBerry's commitment to providing security updates for its Android smartphone lineup, Thurber also confirmed that the BlackBerry KeyOne will be upgraded to Android 8.0 Oreo, as will an as-yet-unannounced device out of TCL. On the other hand, Thurber said that the KEYone will be updated to Android 8.0 Oreo.

The current Blackberry hardware strategy of having TCL create and manufacture Blackberry handset adds an extra layer of complexity to the Android update process.

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