Aung San Suu Kyi must recognise human rights of Rohingyas in Myanmar

Aung San Suu Kyi must recognise human rights of Rohingyas in Myanmar

Aung San Suu Kyi must recognise human rights of Rohingyas in Myanmar

Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi, a Nobel laureate, has come under pressure to halt violence against Rohingya. Tens of thousands of Rohingya refugees are believed to be stuck at the border to Bangladesh. There are reports of villages being burned to the ground and the military deliberately targeting civilians, but access to the region is limited, so the reports can't be independently verified. So, no one should be surprised that after taking over power, she is an active party to the ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya Muslims. But since August 25, following an attack on a border post by Rohingya militants, the gloves have come off, with no civilians given the benefit of the doubt.

Israel always plays as a complimentary bookend to American strategies of tension across from nations like Saudi Arabia - posing as "arming" the Myanmar government to further inflame the Muslim World and heighten irrational, emotional division both inside Myanmar's borders and well beyond them.

The UN Security Council is due to meet on Wednesday to discuss the crisis.

Tutu's letter noted than in 2010 he rejoiced at Suu Kyi's freedom from house arrest, and in 2012 at her election as leader of the opposition. However, through the twitter, spokesman for Myanmar's leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, said that " We have no policy to negotiate with terrorists".

Aung San Suu Kyi will focus attention on the "Rakhine terrorist attacks", her spokesman said, after announcing Wednesday the she will skip an upcoming UN General Assembly session in NY later this month.

The government of Myanmar insists every single attack on a Rohingya village has been carried out by the militants in a cynical campaign to attract worldwide outrage and support to their cause.

More so as Modi could give political comfort to the Aung San Suu Kyi government on the Rohingya issue over which she is being personally castigated internationally. Murphy said she thinks Suu Kyi is being unfairly maligned because supporters had unrealistic expectations.

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Malala Yousafzai, the youngest ever peace prize victor, said on Monday "the world is waiting" for Suu Kyi to act.

What is happening in Rakhine state?

The United Nations says more than 250,000 refugees, majority Rohingya, have fled Myanmar into Bangladesh since violence began last October.

Myanmar's envoy to the United Nations has blamed the Rohingya insurgents for the violence in Rakhine state and said that his country would never tolerate such atrocities.

"Maybe a few religious fanatics play a role, but a government is doing this". Refugees maintain that the crackdown is aimed at pushing Rohingya out of Myanmar.

Bangladesh has proposed "safe zones" run by aid groups for Rohingya in Myanmar.

The monks are a powerful political force in Myanmar, given their influence on the population, and Ms Suu Kyi clearly feels she needs them on her side.

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Aung San Suu Kyi may be in government but she is not in power - the military is principally responsible for these abuses and only they can stop it. I was then Foreign Minister of Australia, and was convinced that engaging Myanmar - a country that had begun unshackling the long and heavy chains of a military dictatorship - would aid in the country's democratic development and economic opening.

"The first reason (Suu Kyi can not attend) is because of the Rakhine terrorist attacks", spokesman Zaw Htay said.

Write to your MP and ask them to raise the issue in Parliament, and urge them to ask for the United Kingdom to commit funding to the relief effort. Many decades later his wise words and values are still echoing. It goes back to pre-colonial times, ' she added.

Media captionWho is burning down Rohingya villages?

Rohingyas in northern Rakhine State are denied the right to a nationality and to participate in public life.

We should not fritter away our strategic stakes in Myanmar by joining a selective, hypocritical chorus on humanitarian issues by those who prefer to agitate only such as are low-priced for them.

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