European Commission President: Turkey pulls up all drawbridges with EU

European Commission President: Turkey pulls up all drawbridges with EU

European Commission President: Turkey pulls up all drawbridges with EU

The address, which is an annual opportunity for the president to take stock of the year and lay out his vision for the future, allowed Juncker to voice his opinion on the direction of the bloc's fiscal reforms, after listening to member states put forward a number of conflicting proposals in recent months.

Juncker's annual address seeks to provide a broad reflection on the future path of the European Union, the need for which has been strengthened following the United Kingdom's exit from the 27-nation bloc.

The UK will have to "work closely together" with the European Union to meet challenges from terrorism, cyber-attack, migration, Russian aggression and rogue states like North Korea, it says.

He told MEPs: "We have to respect the will of the British people".

Asked if future success rested completely on trade negotiations, he added: "That's going to be really, really important for our future and we will be working with the Government to make sure that the maritime sector is a strong beneficiary of that because it's something that this country is really, really good at". Because Brexit isn't everything. It isn't the future of Europe. "It's not the be all and end all".

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Juncker vowed that the European Union "will move forward once Britain leaves", saying that "Brexit is not everything".

The UK Prime Minister's Office representative reports that the next round of Brexit negotiations will start on September 25.

Juncker called on EU leaders to set out a clear vision for the EU's future ahead of May 2019 European Parliament elections, held just over a month after the United Kingdom is scheduled to officially leave the union. Britain's official departure in March 2019 and European elections in June 2019 mean the focus will be elsewhere that year.

As one who still believes in that ideal, I can only say: we are not amused.

The EU also remains deeply divided by the migration crisis, with a fresh spike in arrivals in Italy from Libya adding to rifts over how to handle the biggest influx of refugees and migrants since World War II.

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Ahead of the U.N. vote, North Korea had warned that the United States would pay a "due price" if it pursues stronger sanctions. She also said it will put an end to the currency earned by some 93,000 North Korean citizens it sends overseas to work.

"When I stood before you this time past year, I had a somewhat easier speech to give".

The paper lays out how Britain will want to build a new partnership with the European Union that goes beyond existing third country arrangements, and reflects our shared interests and values of upholding democracy and protecting peace across Europe and the world. "Faced with this choice, I argued for unity". He also called for trade pacts with Australia and New Zealand.

The European Union's top executive called for the bloc to expand its economic links from Asia Pacific to Latin America on Wednesday, highlighting the EU's ambition to champion free trade in the wake of President Donald Trump's "America First" policies.

He said that instead of creating a new post, the job should be given to a vice-president of the European Commission - a suggestion that is bound to meet with vehement resistance from euro zone governments, especially Berlin.

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