Huge Typhoons May Miss China After All

Huge Typhoons May Miss China After All

Huge Typhoons May Miss China After All

Talim was said to be a tropical storm but strengthened to a typhoon later.

The storm will then move northwest at a speed of 25 km to 30 km an hour towards the coast of Zhejiang and Fujian, making landfall late on Thursday or early Friday, according to China's National Meteorological Center.

However, the typhoon has been changing its course and does not seem to be completely predictable in the moment.

As many as half a million people may need to be evacuated if the storm intensifies.

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Most of Taiwan's refineries are in the central and southern regions. "Before Morakot, people were taking chances, sort of like gambling", said Li Wei-sen, secretary-general with the government's National Science and Technology Center for Disaster Reduction.

The level of alert remains high, and two of China's largest carriers, China Airlines and EVA Airways, said they will cancel inbound and outbound global flights.

The authorities in Taiwan issued a maritime warning and airlines cancelled some flights on Wednesday as the island braced for Talim, which was expected to hit northern cities, including Taipei, and had the potential to become a super typhoon.

Any downed trees and road washouts can lead to travel disruptions well after the storm leaves the area.

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Talim is likely to be steered into Japan over the weekend and could deliver a severe blow of wind and rain to Kyushu, Shikoku and parts of Honshu. Evacuation is underway in the southeastern province of Fujian and about 5,00,000 residents have been asked to move to safer regions.

Most of the people were being evacuated from properties that were unlikely to withstand the high winds, or in areas that were prone to flooding and mudslides, or were close to construction sites, where they could be hit by flying debris, the newspaper said.

"Talim is a giant. It will dwarf any of the others [typhoons] we've seen this year", Liu Aiming, chief engineer of Fujian's meteorological bureau tells South China Morning Post. Liu also feared that by the time it reaches China, Talim could be a "super typhoon", nearly equal to a category four or five hurricane in the US. Before the typhoon reaches the Japanese coast, 90 flights and about 224 ships have been cancelled in the Okinawa prefecture, reported the Okinawa Times.

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