Israel's Netanyahu praises Macri for his efforts to solve the AMIA bombing

Israel's Netanyahu praises Macri for his efforts to solve the AMIA bombing

Israel's Netanyahu praises Macri for his efforts to solve the AMIA bombing

They include letters, telegrams and reports that were digitized by Argentina and the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington.

Netanyahu and Macri are also "in ideological harmony" on issues like free trade, development and security, Israel's ambassador to Argentina Ilan Sztulman told local radio.

Argentina has Latin America's biggest Jewish population.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is in Argentina on a visit aimed at strengthening ties with a nation that is home to the largest Jewish community in the region.

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Earlier this week, South Korean intelligence sources detected evidence that preparations were underway at a test site. Kim would rather starve his people than see his regime overthrown, he said.

After Argentina, Netanyahu will visit Colombia and Mexico before addressing the United Nations General Assembly on September 19.

"This is truly the dawn of a new era", Netanyahu said during the briefing, "and it should have probably happened before".

Speaking with Argentine Jewish leaders on Monday, Netanyahu praised Macri's "determination to find those guilty".

"We know, without a doubt, that Iran and Hezbollah were backing up and in fact initiating these attacks", Netanyahu said.

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The 14-day RSI is now sitting at 53.23, the 7-day is at 70.06, and the 3-day is spotted at 91.71 for EV Energy Partners LP (EVEP). Next Financial Group, Inc downsized its ownership by shedding 700 shares a decrease of 57.0% in the quarter.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meets with Argentina's President Mauricio Macri at the San Martin palace, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, during his official state visit.

The mystery around the bombing of the AMIA center thickened in 2015 when the prosecutor investigating the case, Alberto Nisman, was found on the floor of his Buenos Aires apartment with a pistol by his side and a bullet in his head.

Netanyahu's statement came after a report by Reuters suggested that both Israel and Saudi Arabia - two us allies that have been strongly opposed to the Iran deal - were in favor of the usa remaining in the pact, despite their reservations about Iran's adherence to the agreement. While some people believe Nisman killed himself because he felt his claims against the former president lacked proof, others say he was murdered because he was a threat to the Argentine and Iranian governments.

Macri has met with Nisman's family and says he has made a high priority of solving his death and the AMIA bombing.

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