State Department official quietly visits Moscow to discuss North Korea

State Department official quietly visits Moscow to discuss North Korea

State Department official quietly visits Moscow to discuss North Korea

North Korea Tuesday condemned "vicious" new United Nations sanctions imposed over its sixth and largest nuclear test, warning it would make the U.S. "suffer the greatest pain" it has ever experienced.

The forthcoming measures to be taken by the DPRK will "cause the United States the greatest pain and suffering it had ever through in its entire history" said a statement that used the official name for the North.

A Blue House official who spoke on background told local reporters Sunday that Seoul wasn't considering bringing back US tactical nuclear weapons because doing so would completely undermine its own demand for the North to scrap its nuclear program.

Sen. John McCain says the USA needs to step up actions against North Korea and send a message to leader Kim Jong Un that aggressive acts will lead to his country's destruction. The opposition also raised questions about the Moon administration taking the back seat on North Korea issues, and pointed out that trust between Seoul and Washington has somewhat eroded after the Moon government initially suspended the THAAD deployment pending an environmental assessment.

Earlier this month, North Korea conducted a nuclear test, and it is reportedly getting ready for more missile tests. The U.S. draft also identified nine ships that have carried out activities prohibited by previous U.N. resolutions and would authorize any U.N. member state to stop these vessels on the high seas without their consent and use "all necessary measures" - which in U.N. language includes force - to carry out an inspection and direct the vessel to a port.

Hearing of Imran Khan disqualification case resumes in SC today
However, the chief justice maintained that the documents submitted were photocopies and therefore, not acceptable. Justice Umar Ata Bandial observed that there was a discrepancy in docuuments submitted by the PTI chairman.

But China and Russian Federation, both veto-wielding members of the Security Council, were wary of measures that would seriously destabilize North Korea, such as cutting off oil. Both had expressed skepticism over the strict sanctions.

North Korea Tuesday categorically rejected the new measures, with United Nations ambassador Han Tae-Song saying in Geneva that the USA had "fabricated the most vicious sanction resolution" and warning of retaliation.

"We hope UNSC members will come to a consensus through full consultations and will send out the voice of unity and solidarity", Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang said at regular press conference Monday.

China's official Xinhua news agency said in a commentary that the Trump administration was making a mistake by rejecting diplomatic engagement with North Korea. "But I'm not sure that they will really have much effect on the nuclear weapons and missile programs, given the priority that those initiatives must have for the DPRK leadership".

North Korea is starting to become a real problem.

Kremlin used Facebook to promote political protests in US
Although numerous events had already been deleted from Facebook, some remnants still exist in search engine caches. The shady organization, known for running misinformation campaigns, must've felt at home on the platform.

Now we must figure out how our interests and China's interests can be realigned in regards to North Korea.

The resolution also bans North Korea from exporting all textiles anywhere in the world, as second largest export commodity.

"Sanctions against North Korea are likely to fuel their cybercrime activity", said Bryce Boland, Singapore-based chief technology officer with FireEye.

In images released by KCNA, Kim Jong-un is seen sharing a table with North Korea's top brass, including army Vice Marshal Hwang Pyong-so, Workers' Party Vice Chairman Choe Ryong-hae and Premier Pak Pong-ju.

David von Hippel, an energy expert with the Nautilus Institute think tank who has done extensive research on North Korea, said he doubts that oil sanctions will hit the regime very hard. Officials are openly talking about this being used to "starve" North Korea.

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Over the weekend, leaders in Germany and France waded into the escalating crisis.

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