Steve Bannon's Irish ancestor was undocumented, Trevor Noah finds

Steve Bannon's Irish ancestor was undocumented, Trevor Noah finds

Steve Bannon's Irish ancestor was undocumented, Trevor Noah finds

"Christie, because of Billy Bush weekend, [was] not looked at for a Cabinet position", Bannon said in an interview with 60 Minutes on Sunday, explaining how Christie had landed in his "black book" of names for failing to adequately defend Trump when the Access Hollywood scandal broke.

Duke created a YouTube video, "60 Minutes & CBS want you to think Steve Bannon is a red eyed monster: How 60 Minutes Lies Using Visual Manipulation", showing how CBS allegedly altered Bannon's appearance.

"Billy Bush Saturday, to me, is a litmus test". "When you side with a man, you side with him, okay?"

"Poor Billy Bush! Noah sympathized".

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While the interview was not particularly eye opening it did confirm who we all thought he was, Noah said: a radical nationalist who believes Trump will be instrumental in "tearing down the establishment".

'Christie, because of Billy Bush weekend, wasn't looked at for a cabinet position, ' Bannon continued. Now back to running Breitbart News, Bannon had never given a television interview.

'Didn't make the plane, ' Bannon added.

Christie had, however, publicly voiced his displeasure with Trump's lewd comments. But Christie said Monday night that the conversations never happened, saying he didn't need to speak with "staffers" because he was speaking directly with Trump.

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'And, by the way, if I was off the team, then why did I lead debate prep for the third debate?' Christie mused.

Noah revealed The Daily Show hired a professional genealogist to look into Bannon's background and discovered his great grandfather immigrated to this country from Ireland in the 50's "at a time when America's borders were so open" it required "no passport, no visa, no background checks of any kind", Noah said.

Bannon tells Rose that current Republican leadership - namely Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan - are trying to undermine President Trump's political agenda.

"I hold these people in contempt, total and complete contempt", Bannon says, later calling members of the Bush administration "idiots". 'I know that no one else cared about it.

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