China can't stop India from developing Northeast, says Amit Shah

China can't stop India from developing Northeast, says Amit Shah

China can't stop India from developing Northeast, says Amit Shah

The Bhartiya Janata Party on Saturday responded to China's objection to Japan showing interest in investment in Northeast. So, I am wondering whether this is the overinterpretation of the media or just like the media's conjecture, both Japan and India have the hidden agenda.

Without mentioning Arunachal Pradesh, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that negotiations were still on to settle the "eastern section" of the China-India border.

No change in United States position on withdrawing from Paris Agreement: White House
His decision fulfilled a campaign promise, but was met with widespread criticism both at home and overseas . Withdrawing was one of Trump's key promises during his presidential campaign.

"To that end, we agreed on a India Japan Act East Forum which will essentially explore the possibilities of involving Japan in northeastern infrastructure", Jaishankar said.

"In such circumstances, we hope India and various parties should respect such aspects and any third party should not be involved in our efforts to solve disputes", she added. The joint statement and comments by the two Prime Ministers in Gandhinagar also sent out a similar message that will be read closely in China on several counts. "This is China's position", she said.

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Dictator Kim Jong-un has repeatedly threatened to attack both Guam and Japan with missiles, possibly using nuclear warheads. Though they aren't their top choices for the region, Haley and McMaster said, they are available to the President.

"We have just signed a joint statement which will serve as a milestone to open a new era for Japan-India relationship. based on that we will strongly promote Japan-India special strategic and global partnership to drive peace and prosperity for Indo-Pacific region and the whole world", Abe said.

Reports say that the UNCLOS was mentioned atleast four time in the 2016 joint statement between the two countries.

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He indicated the United Kingdom could be prepared to act alone if there was no agreement on changing the global rules. The Red Cross has set up a Family Links service for people anxious about relatives in a British Overseas Territory.

China and Japan have dispute over the uninhabited islands called Senkakus by Japan and Diaoyu islands by China in the East China Sea where naval ships of both the countries aggressively patrol the waters around the islands. India's decision to partner with Japan for the 508-km, Rs. 1.1 lakh-crore project is as much about politics as it is about infrastructure: Japan has been keen to export its high-speed train technology along with rolling stock, and India's move to confirm the Japanese contracts while China wins projects along its Belt and Road railway line is significant. "As far as I am concerned, it is better to ask Japan and India and see whether they can make some clarifications on this".

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