John Kelly Has Long Asked Congress To Fix DACA Legislatively

John Kelly Has Long Asked Congress To Fix DACA Legislatively

John Kelly Has Long Asked Congress To Fix DACA Legislatively

The program, created by the Obama administration in 2012 after efforts to pass the Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act stalled, meant to provide legal protections for the children of undocumented immigrants who were brought to the United States at a young age.

"I strongly urge all DACA recipients whose status expires on or before March 5, 2018, to complete and submit a DACA renewal application before October 5, 2017", said White.

Throughout his campaign and presidency, Trump made disparaging comments about immigrants, but he also made numerous statements sympathetic to DACA recipients.

On "Outnumbered", Lisa Boothe said that President Trump must get at least one of two things accomplished when it comes to illegal immigration, or could see his top issue become a policy failure.

The President says that it's up to Congress to fix this, and he gave us six months to do it. Congress now has an urgent and closing window to right this wrong and prevent a humanitarian and economic catastrophe for these young people, their families, their communities, and for our country.

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Ann Coulter, the prominent conservative author of the book "In Trump We Trust", wrote: "At this point, who DOESN'T want Trump impeached?"

In other words, while we support the goals that they are trying to achieve we do not believe in the manner in which they are going about it.

"It would be useful to take some of the pressure off some of the parties, particularly these good educated young people that the president is speaking about with such admiration", Garaufis said.

"We were going to have the Rolls-Royce of a big, handsome wall", King said, adding that Trump's more recent comments about immigration mean that "the Rolls-Royce is now going to be an overhauled jalopy".

He called Trump "very intelligent" and claimed the President "cuts deals", but said the decision about what to do with the program should ultimately fall to Congress, because Trump "can't make it himself".

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DACA was enacted in 2012 by President Obama.

At the same time, the complaint states, it is illegal for San Jose to terminate employees due to their nationality or immigration status.

CASTRO: Well, I think that, you know, the idea of amnesty from 1986 was kind of a blanket allowance of people to stay with no conditions. "They came on board because, build a wall, enforce the border, enforce immigration law, no amnesty ever. I'm exhausted of living my life in limbo".

The lawsuit comes amid renewed confusion over DACA's future - House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of NY announced late Wednesday they had reached an agreement with Trump to protect the country's Dreamers.

"The American people know what a wall is", King said.

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