Millions of Android Handsets Infected by the ExpensiveWall Malware

Millions of Android Handsets Infected by the ExpensiveWall Malware

Millions of Android Handsets Infected by the ExpensiveWall Malware

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Check Point has notified Google about the ExpensiveWall malware and the former has obliged with quick response by removing all the apps understood to be infected with the malicious code.

Google removed the malware infected apps; however ExpensiveWall continued to cause trouble for the tech giants App Store by spreading the sample across another 5,000 devices at least.

The Check Point researchers found the ExpensiveWall malware in the Lovely Wallpaper application. However, for these particular apps, the permissions allows the app to connect to its fraudulent servers for transferring sensitive data, and SMS permissions enable it to send premium SMS messages and register users for other paid services all without the users knowledge.

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When the victims install the application, it requests a permission to access the internet and send and receive SMS messages.

The malware not only generates profit but also manages to collect personal data of users and sends this information back to command and control server. Before being removed it was already downloaded up to 10,000 times.

According to the experts, Google has missed some warnings about the malware infection published by users who have downloaded the applications.

Cape Town - If you have an Android handset, your cellphone is likely to have been affected by malware on Google Play Store.

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The security researchers said the malicious software could have infected as many as 21.1million devices after being downloaded up to 4.2million times. Apps like I Love Filter, Beautiful Camera, Fascinating Camera, and more are all listed to be Trojan apps, however all of them are no longer available on Google Play.

A few of the apps which were infected with malware are "Lovely Wallpaper", "I Love Filter", "Tool Box Pro,"Horoscope", "Beautiful Camera", "DIY Your Screen", "Wifi Booster", majority being related to either Camera, Photos, Weather, Wallpapers, and Lock Apps".

"They also need to collaborate closer with security researchers, so that, like in this case, vulnerabilities and malicious app details can be shared quickly and pulled from stores accordingly", he added.

Research firm Check Point has identified as many as 50 malicious apps on Google Play that charge premium fees to its users without their knowledge for fake services.

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