French chef: Take my Michelin stars away

French chef: Take my Michelin stars away

French chef: Take my Michelin stars away

A highly acclaimed French chef has asked to be stripped of his three Michelin stars due to the enormous amount of pressure it puts on him to serve impeccable dishes each day.

Sébastien Bras of the highly-praised Le Suquet restaurant in Laguiole said he wants to be dropped from the ranking of the sacred Michelin food bible because of the pressure and anxiety that comes with his dishes being judged at any moment.

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In a Facebook post, Bras said he had made the decision because he wanted to "give a new meaning to life, and redefine what is essential". Bras, 46, took over ownership of the restaurant from his father, renowned chef Michel Bras, 10 years ago; Le Suquet earned three stars for the first time in 1999.

A French chef whose restaurant has been awarded three Michelin stars has asked to be stripped of the classification because of the pressure to cook flawless meals each day that may be inspected at any time. Every meal that goes out could be inspected.

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He admitted, "Maybe I will be less famous but I accept that", adding that in the long-run he will be able to dish out cuisine "without wondering whether my creations will appeal to Michelin's inspectors". But because the guide is technically for diners, not for chefs, it's not obligated, it's not obligated to remove a restaurant just because the chef requests it.

One of France's most celebrated chefs, whose restaurant has been honoured with three stars in the Michelin guide for nearly 20 years, has pleaded to be stripped of the prestigious ranking because of the huge pressure of being judged on every dish he serves.

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Inspectors never identify themselves when they dine at a restaurant that they are reviewing. While Bras, 46, relates to the pressure, he assured that was not his "frame of mind". He is not the first chef to walk away from the competitive world of Michelin-star cooking. The chef opened a more casual restaurant later on.

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