Minnesota on track to hit Paris climate goals

Minnesota on track to hit Paris climate goals

Minnesota on track to hit Paris climate goals

As the U.S. federal government fails to act on climate change, Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. joined former Secretary of State John Kerry and fellow U.S. Climate Alliance co-chairs New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and Washington State Governor Jay Inslee today in New York to release a new report that shows Alliance states are on track to meet - and potentially exceed - their portion of America's Paris Agreement commitments. The Paris Agreement, which was adopted in 2015 by 195 countries, aims to reduce emissions in order to keep global warming below 2 degrees Celsius.

Mr Obama's team changed a typo in the agreement text at the last minute in order to be able to bypass climate deniers in the US Congress so the accord is not a legally binding treaty for the US.

"We have to be in solidarity with this large number of countries that are the first victims, who are already the victims and are the ones who will continue to suffer the impact of these disasters", he said Monday, according to the Nicaraguan newspaper El Nuevo Diario.

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"Are we (Nicaragua) responsible for having made climate change? No".

Following months of reality TV-style suspense, Trump proclaimed that the USA would pull out of the non-binding accord at a televised press conference in June.

Cohn, who is overseeing the issue for Trump, declined to elaborate on terms that the United States would consider suitable to remain in the accord.

Powerful natural disaster of magnitude 7.1 hit central Mexico killing 138 people
The quake left many roads shattered, toppled several buildings, tore gas mains and sparked fires across the city. Rescuers have been racing to find survivors beneath the school, located in Mexico City's southeast.

Ortega's announcement this week ramps up pressure on the White House to reverse Trump's decision.

On Monday, White House economic adviser Gary Cohn reportedly told some foreign ministers the USA still plans to exit the agreement, unless it's renegotiated. He noted that Nicaragua rejected the deal because it went too easy on countries like the USA, whose national wealth was built on top of being the world's largest historic emitter of greenhouse gas emissions.

Speaking of the Paris accord Mrs May said: "If this system we have created is found no longer to be capable of meeting the challenges of our time - then there will be a crisis of faith in multilateralism and global co-operation that will damage the interests of all our peoples".

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