Nuclear test aftershock blamed for mysterious North Korea tremor

Nuclear test aftershock blamed for mysterious North Korea tremor

Nuclear test aftershock blamed for mysterious North Korea tremor

Chinese seismologists suspect it was an explosion but South Korea say it could be a natural quake.

South Korea's presidential office said Seoul and Washington had coordinated closely over the deployment of the US bombers, calling it one of the most effective countermeasures against the advancement of North Korea's nuclear and missile programs, South Korean media reported.

The South Korean weather agency official said the analysis of seismic waves and the lack of sound waves clearly showed that the quake wasn't caused by an artificial explosion.

The weapons are being tested at a torrid pace and include solidfuel missiles that have been created to be launched from road-mobile launchers or submarines and are thus less detectable.

"This new executive order enables Treasury to freeze assets of anyone conducting significant trade in goods, services or technology with North Korea". During the Korean war from 1950 to 1953, the USA devastated the Korean peninsula, killing millions and leveling especially North Korea to the ground.

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Hours before the test, North Korea's state news agency KCNA had released pictures showing Kim Jong-un, accompanied by scientists, inspecting a silvercoloured, hourglass-shaped warhead during a visit to the country's nuclear weapons institute. Most of those threats have been against the US.

Starting October 1, China will also ban imports of North Korean textiles.

Russian Federation has described war of words a "kindergarten fight" and urged hot heads to calm down while China has announced to limit North Korea's oil supply and stop buying textiles from that country. "The limit on crude oil exports seems to have been excluded from this announcement due to statistical reasons".

The latest development came a day after North Korea's official media reported a statement issued by leader Kim Jong Un in which he pledged to have U.S. President Donald Trump "pay dearly" for his recent United Nations speech. A few hours ago, Trump wrote on Twitter that Kim "will be tested like never before!"

The view from China could hardly be much worse: the leaders of North Korea and the United States threatening to rain down total destruction on each other, while US bombers and fighters stage a show of military might close to China's shores.

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"I'm not a fan of Vladimir Putin", McCallum said, "but I think he got it right when he said that North Korea would rather eat grass than lose its nuclear weapons".

The US president has been successful in recent months in persuading the UN Security Council to adopt several fresh sanctions against North Korea.

North Korea has been working on developing missiles that can reach the United States and its allies and pair them with a miniaturized nuclear warheads.

The document asked banks to fully implement United Nations sanctions against North Korea and warned of economic losses and reputational risks to banks that did not do so.

North Korea has threatened to sink Japan and reduce the United States to "ashes and darkness" for leading the campaign for the sanctions.

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