Mexico natural disaster death toll reaches 293

Mexico natural disaster death toll reaches 293

Mexico natural disaster death toll reaches 293

No citizen has forgotten a 1985 quake that killed 10,000 people in Mexico City.

US Geological Survey geophysicist Paul Caruso said the new temblor was an aftershock of the 8.1 quake, and after a jolt of that size even buildings left standing can be more vulnerable.

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In Juchitan and Tlacotepec, four people were injured, but their lives were not in danger. Two women died of heart attacks as the ground shook, the city government said.

About 40 buildings were toppled, more than 180 damaged beyond fix and another 3,800 significantly damaged on Tuesday in Mexico City, where at least 165 people have died, part of a total death toll that rose Saturday to 303.

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The tremors - possibly aftershocks from a massive 8.2-magnitude quake that hit southern Mexico two weeks ago - forced rescue workers in the capital to pause their efforts for a couple of hours. At least 115 people have been rescued since last week's natural disaster, and many of them remain in hospitals, where they receive treatment in hopes of recovering from severe brain injuries, fractures, and bruises. CNN footage showed them walking to a more stable ground after warning sirens sounded.

Some 70 people have been pulled from the rubble, and rescue efforts were continuing despite fading hopes for buried survivors, Mexican civil defence agency chief Luis Felipe Puente said. However, they do their best to support each other during such hard moments. Rescuers are trying to access a part of the wreckage where they believe there may be a survivor and introduce a camera to check.

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Although the latest quake was not as destructive, fear is running high among the population.

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