Iran defies Trump with promise to strengthen its military

Iran defies Trump with promise to strengthen its military

Iran defies Trump with promise to strengthen its military

The Khoramshahr missile (above) was first displayed at a military parade on Friday in Tehran.

Iran has successfully tested a new ballistic missile that can carry multiple warheads with explosives and can travel up to 2,000km, according to state media.

The Khorramshahr missile was unveiled Friday during a military parade in Tehran to commemorate the Iran-Iraq war which began on September 22, 1980.

Rouhani's comments, broadcast on the anniversary of Iraq's 1980 invasion of Iran, appeared to be aimed at President Trump, who sharply criticized Iran in a speech this week at the United Nations General Assembly.

Trump also called for a harder line against Iran from other members of the United Nations, saying "we can not let a murderous regime continue these destabilizing activities while building risky missiles".

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Trump told world leaders gathered in NY for the annual U.N. General Assembly that the 2015 nuclear agreement with Iran was "an embarrassment" and "one of the worst" deals the US had ever made. "We will not admit those into our country we can not safely vet", Trump tweeted just after his administration released the details of the restrictions Sunday night.

The Iran nuclear deal has to be recertified by Trump in October.

The presidents of Japan and South Korea welcomed Trump's announcement of new sanctions against North Korea but privately questioned whether his threat to "totally destroy" the country would lead to the diplomacy they prefer.

If Washington walks out of the agreement, "any choice and any option" are open for Iran "that we see as beneficial to our country, " Rouhani said.

It unveiled its latest ballistic missile with a range of 1,250 miles - capable of reaching much of the Middle East, including Israel. But Iran is still subject to an arms embargo and other restrictions, which are not technically part of the nuclear agreement.

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Trump administration officials have called on nuclear inspectors to examine Iranian military sites, a demand Iran has rejected . All ambassadors present-German, French, British, and the ambassador to the European Union-doubled down on support for the deal.

Despite that, until this point the Trump administration has certified Iran's compliance with the accord.

U.K. Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said he is "extremely concerned" by reports that Iran tested a missile, saying the action was inconsistent with United Nations resolutions.

If Trump decides to decertify, Congress will have 60 days to vote on re-imposing the sanctions, lifted under the pact in exchange for Tehran capping its nuclear program. However, Washington has on several occasions slapped new sanctions against Iran over its missile program.

Tehran insists its missile program doesn't the resolution, saying the missiles are not created to carry nuclear weapons.

"They are very aggressive with their nuclear technology, and that trade shows how the Iran deal is not working".

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