New Doomsday Date Revealed By Conspiracy Theorist David Meade

New Doomsday Date Revealed By Conspiracy Theorist David Meade

New Doomsday Date Revealed By Conspiracy Theorist David Meade

NASA also issued a statement to deny the claims made by David Meade. But, lo and behold, the self-proclaimed "researcher" now says the end of the world is still on, it's just been moved to October.

"Nothing is expected to happen in September", he wrote. As the good Meade explained in a BBC interview, everyone from newspapers to a Fox News anchor have pointed people towards his Twitter feed and website when talking about the "Planet X" conspiracy, and most have failed to issue retractions or corrections.

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"The major signs that converge on September 23 are indeed unbelievable, but those are celestial events". I don't believe that. If you were listening to noted nut job and end-of-the-world conspiracy theorist David Meade a month or two ago, you'd know that the world was supposed to collide with a mysterious rogue planet this past Saturday.

David Meade, a man whose claim about an apocalypse had people eyeing September 23, 2017, is talking about another date: October 15, 2017. That's when the action starts. The space agency commented on last week's headline-grabbing Doomsday prediction in a blog update on a past response to why the world didn't end as prophesied in 2012.

Trump issues new travel ban for EIGHT countries
Additionally, visitors who now have valid visas from the listed countries won't have their visas revoked. The renewed travel ban was expanded to include new three countries: Chad, North Korea and Venezuela .

Recently, he told the Washington Post that the world is not ending, but a major part of the world will not be the same.

Amid the sensationalism, Meade has been widely criticized for his dramatic predictions, but the self-described specialist in research and investigations said mainstream media had distorted and exaggerated his claims.

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"The planet in question, Niburu, does not exist, so there will be no collision". You've probably already figured that out for yourself. "It is possible at the end of October we may be about to enter into the seven-year Tribulation period, to be followed by a Millennium of peace", the Sunday Express quoted Meade as saying. Cisternino is one of the few places on earth believed to be spared when the world ends.

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