Russia: Cannibal couple involved in murders dating back to 1999 arrested

Russia: Cannibal couple involved in murders dating back to 1999 arrested

Russia: Cannibal couple involved in murders dating back to 1999 arrested

A suspected "cannibal family" is reported to have admitted killing and eating at least 30 people over an 18-year period.

Other images show human remains in a jar and a man with a human hand sticking out his mouth.

Russian police appear to have discovered one of the country's most grisly cases of cannibalism after pictures of dismembered bodies were found on a phone belonging to one of the main suspects, Russia's state media reported Monday.

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Taken in for questioning, the man along with his wife, Natalia Baksheev, 42, initially denied participating in any deaths, claiming to have come across a dead woman whom they chose to take photos of.

They believe the man killed the woman in a drunken fight in wasteland on Sept 8 and then cut up her body while his wife was present.

The phone was traced to the couple living in a hostel at a nearby military facility, where a raid uncovered body parts in a salt solution.

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In the kitchen, officers said they also found "bits of food and frozen pieces of meat of unknown origin", which they are now testing to find out whether it is human or animal flesh. The police have discovered eight different body parts in jars at their home.

It wasn't until investigators first recovered female body parts on September 12, on land linked to a military academy at 135 Dzerzhinskogo Street, Krasnodar in a cellar that Dmitry and Natalia were proven to be tied to the cannibal crimes.

That said it was revealed the victim was 35, and had came to live in Krasnodar from Omutinsk town in Kirov region. Police also arrested the man's wife, who allegedly participated in the crimes with her husband.

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Neighbors at the hostel explain that their room reeked of the Russian drug Corvalol, which they used to put victims to sleep. Natalia is a scandalous woman, aggressive, so we did not risk it'.

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